Opus Magnum solution gifs (spoiler heavy)


This game fucking owns


this game looks wild.

I’ve never been more intimidated by gifs of a game


I know I could shave a bunch of cycles off of this one, but I love how this looks so much and I don’t want to break it :smiley:


I’m looking at the GIFS having never heard of this game and I am both intrigued and very confused


The Zachtronics Experience™


I finally got Life-Sensing Potion. I love how you can kind of tell the point at which I just gave up on efficiency and brute forced the rest of the way through.


Not my best design hehe. I am still new at this.


wow, these are all mesmerizing! i should look into this game at some point.


I love watching these, totally unconcerned about spoilers knowing I’ll never play it. Will just love the gifs and solutions etc. instead.


I gotta get in on this.

I had a ton of fun on Van Berlo’s Chain. I’m sure there are alternate approaches that could save on the metrics, but I dig the overall feel of this design (uploaded externally 'cause 4MB gif):

I also really enjoyed the flow and symmetry of this Invisible Ink design. I later scored better on every metric, but this was just… aesthetically pleasant:

It’s funny, I love Zachtronics games, but usually I don’t get through them very fast – I get stuck in optimization. This was the first one where I just kinda let myself go a little bit – didn’t go for optimizing each solution as I went, just got each to a “nice” place and moved on. It was nice to not feel guilty about putting it down, for once. I want to go back and start targeting the histograms, though. :smiley:


hey you wanna see something awful?

later on i removed the track and just had the arm rotate but it was still PRETTY BAD


I am completely stumped on Very Dark Thread in chapter 3 (or 4 maybe?). The only things can think of require a level of syncing that I simply can’t wrap my head around. I feel like I’m WAY overthinking this one.

Any tips (or solutions)?


There are no limits of how you do it. My suggestion is to do step by step play as you build up. Biggest help was i could highlight multiple block and move or highlight multiple commands and move.

There are several solutions, Here is a youtube for one way…(not my video).


I’ll take any excuse to share this monstrosity.


Thanks, that was just the push I needed. And in typical Zachtronics game fashion, as soon as I finish a puzzle I was stuck on for over a week, I somehow manage to blow through the next 4 or 5 puzzles with very little trouble. Brains are weird.


I find myself getting fixated on the same type of solutions for every puzzle. I have to take breaks from the game for a while then come back fresh at an old puzzle to tackle it with a different goal and mindset.

I’ve gone back to a couple of streamers to watch videos they’ve made of their 4-6 ways of approaching the same early game puzzle to help expand my mental toolkit. The “Make a GIF” button is a killer feature. It’s so satisfying sharing quick gifs back and forth with friends that are playing to show off solutions that feel good.


I think I had a quite easy time with this one. I don’t remember this one really standing out as being difficult. I suppose I was fortunate. This one actually makes me quite happy because it didn’t turn into a huge mess like my attempts usually do.
https://imgur.com/a/Ix9Gb The last one is my favorite.


any of you tried the new journal with the quintessence glyph? it’s really cool


I love this game a lot. It’s fighting it out with Shenzhen as my favorite Zachtronic’s game, which is saying something because I adored that game*.

This is probably my favorite solution I’ve made. I love the symmetry. My only regret is that I needed to break symmetry slightly by delaying the arm applying the final salt to the molecule on top because the salt collide if you pass them over the central glyph at the same time.

I also like this one quite a bit, although not nearly as much as the Invisible Ink solution.

*Shenzhen I/O is extremely good, although probably not as approachable Opus Magnum. It’s a game about being a engineer designing circuits to control various cheap electronics (“haunted” dolls, color changing vape pens, fake security cameras etc). The manual is a 30 page PDF made to look like a collection of reference materials, documentation on how to program the microcontrollers used in the game, datasheets for various components etc. It starts by stating that to get the best experience you should print out the manual and put it into a 3 ring binder with dividers and everything. This actually works phenomenally well, the way the manual builds verisimilitude while teaching you to play makes it easily the best manual in any game I’ve played and I had a lot of fun just reading datasheets for made up electronics.

This is obviously a game where being the sort of huge dork who enjoys reading documentation for imaginary equipment helps, but it’s also just an extremely good puzzle game. It also left me feeling surprisingly prepared when I wound up having to do some stuff with Arduinos for work since I already had some experience programming microcontrollers.


Took me forever to figure this one out, but got it working with only 60G cost… ouch my brain hurts lol.