Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Discussion


I posted this to another forum so I thought it could lead to good discussion here to!

Having just watched season 5 of OITNB, I have some thoughts. I thought maybe some of you might have as well.

I thought having the whole season take place in just 3 days made it feel like it was moving at a glacial pace. There were alot of character interactions and side devolpments, but nothing really felt substantial aside from a few plot points. Also because the whole season takes place during a riot, I felt the huge tonal shifts the show is known for, don’t work nearly as well here (it’s hard to make a riot funny).

The show has some stand out character actors Like Danielle Brooks, and Uzo Aduba and Brooks in particular is the stand out for the season. The problem is they have so many characters now, that it can be hard to keep track of everyone and feels less focused because of it.

The show ended on another cliff hanger, and it sets up that some major changes are in store for next season. I really hope tjey find there footing next year as this season definitely felt like a transitional period to me. I still really do enjoy this show thougn and hope next season can bring it back around for me, I was just a bit disappointed with it as a whole, even though it had some really strong moments.

Also, I’m still not really sure whatthey should do with piper and alex, their characters are mt least favorite and interesting in the show, and I feel like they know that since they weren’t really in this season as much as the last one, and even then they seemed kinda pushed to the background. Their story just seems so inconsequential to everyone elses in the prison.

Anyway! What did you think? Did you like it, love it, hate it? :slight_smile: