Organizers Say Raven Restructure Is Trying to Thwart QA Union

Last Friday, the quality assurance (QA) workers at Raven Software, a subsidiary of Call of Duty publisher and scandal magnet Activision Blizzard, announced plans to form a union, partially in response to the company’s poor treatment of a department responsible for finding bugs in the company’s biggest games. Only days later, Polygon reporter Nicole Carpenter revealed leaders at Raven had rolled out plans to redistribute QA employees, moving them from a separate team and instead embedding them within other departments within Raven.

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So, while it is not unheard of to embed test in other departments (you tend to write better code when you have a bunch of testers scrutinize it), this is shenanigans


Yeah, the timing is absurdly blatant. I hope the NLRB doesn’t fall for it, but I’m not hopeful.