Orgs Affiliated With Craven Activision Blizzard Board Members Remain Silent

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, is having a bad week. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published a report suggesting Kotick withheld information about sexual harassment and assault from the board. Although the board of directors released a statement of support for Kotick, that day Activision Blizzard employees walked out, asking that Kotick resign. 

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Calling it now, Kotick resigns by end of the year and you never hear from him again. If he decides to continue working he’ll pull strings and end up in a cushy position out of the publics eye in a tech company no one even really recognizes or he’ll just retire because he’s got more money then most people will ever make.

Whoever steps up will make a lip service statement about “righting the wrongs” and how they’re going to bring a new age of leadership to Activision/Blizzard and while some things will change unless they completely flush management out from top to bottom and hold people accountable nothing will actually really change but it will not be as bad as it was and so people will keep their heads down not wanting to rock the boat and gaming as a whole will choose to forget in 3 years that this even happened until something sparks renewed interest.


Great journalism from Gita.

Depending on what Sony and MS are saying behind the scenes, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kotick is currently negotiating a lucrative departure. He’ll spend 12-18 months doing nothing and then he’ll quietly join a corporate board or two not in the games industry.

ABK will get a “reformer” in the CEO position. Some ceremonial heads will roll. They’ll make a few largely cosmetic process changes. And then the headlines will die down for a few months until something pops again. If the Ubisoft experience is any indication.