OST or not OST, what is your favourite?


Developer JP LeBreton compiled a really awesome FM synth mix over on his YouTube channel:


If you’ve ever wanted to get into 90’s PC music, this is a great jumping off point.


i’ve listened to the sword and sworcery ost so much i don’t even associate it with that game anymore, haha


I’ve been listening to Nier: Automata’s OST recently and that is just an incredible array of music right there. It is by far my favorite of the year so far and I’m having a real hard time coming up with stuff in recent years that I think surpasses it. Absolutely stunning that is.


Any Legend of Zelda OST, really.

I’ve been listening to some tunes lately as I drift off to sleep, but it’s had an unintended consequence: I’ve been dreaming about Zelda. Well more like Zelda has been invading my normal dream world.

I dreamt last night that the Divine Beasts were roaming around my town and I needed to go take control of them.

Vah Naboris was equivalent to its in-game size, but Vah Rudania was small enough to be climbing around town over a local bakery without crushing the building.

Dreams are weird.


I love Earthbound and Katamari Damacy for being extremely weird but also extremely listenable for an extended period of time.

Disasterpeace OSTs (Fez in particular) are engaging but at the same time are perfect background music. I can put on the Fez soundtrack and jam out on work and it’s like time is erased.


Like some others I’m deeply in love with the Nier: Automata soundtrack, it’s just sublime. Also I really enjoy listening to the synth power of the Mass Effect 1 OST and there’s something so positively playful about the Assassin’s Creed 2 OST that just instantly lifts my spirits.


Mass Effect 2’s soundtrack is a go to for me for both remembering the game and simply to chill out/jam to. Stellaris’s soundtrack is pretty amazing stuff. The music from the Fallout games never fails to transport me back to the wasteland. And I love to revisit the Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 soundtracks, a lot of good memories.

For a lot of other games, I tend to just listen to the combat/boss battle music from their soundtracks. And that list could go on and on.


A bunch of people said Disasterpiece and I’ve gotta back them up, anything by this guy is great. Have you heard the Side F and Side Z remixes of the Fez soundtrack? ITS REAL GOOD

Also good: Christodoulou, who did the soundtrack for Risk of Rain and Deadbolt (and a couple other games)

Just about anything by Uematsu is good, but of particular import is the FF14 OST. Any of the Primal battles have INCREDIBLE music, and whenever I get matched into one of them I pump up music and drop the sound effects so I can get those good good beats. Uhhhhhhhh here’s some examples…

Good King Moogle Mog:


Bismark IS SO GOOD

Alexander Prime:


have you seen It Follows – horror movie from a few years back? music in it is done by Disasterpiece, same guy who did Hyper Light Drifter. it’s way sharper and less chill than HLD, but man the music in that movie is just so damn good.


I think some of Jeremy Soule’s music can blend together, but Eye of the Storm from the original GW soundtrack is still a masterpiece


it’s not necessarily my favorite to listen to, because it’s a bit less background than other OSTs, but I think the Spelunky HD reboot has my favorite OST of all time.


I’m big into listening OST for movies and video games.

Two of my favourites for when I am working are from Mass Effect.

For when you feel you need to casually explore the cosmos in your spaceship.

Because sometimes you need to feel as if your lying in wait in orbit about to strike…

Haven’t played the new Mass Effect yet, I can only hope they retain the old soundtracks.

I’m also partial to the music from the old Playstation Tomb Raider games - just puts me in that puzzle exploration vibe. Angel of Darkness for the PS2 was a pretty terrible game, but the soundtrack took elements of old TR and gave them the full orchestral treatment. They did do this to some degree with TR: anniversary, but Angel of Darkness soundtrack contains different elements from all the early games. In a weird way, the soundtrack speaks to the vision they were going for with that game, a vision they never really met with the gameplay.

I have a recent habit of listening to Halo V’s Light is Green in the mornings. It just gets me going…

If anyone cares, I have my cinemental spotify playlist that includes a lot of film and video game soundtracks. It’s my go to nowadays listen to it more than normal music. I’m not sure why I love scores so much, I guess it’s because the music goes hand in hand with an action I’m performing in a video game or a thought or tone that is displayed onscreen in a movie. In the more mundane parts of my day, it helps to keep those interactions up.


I’m don’t generally listen to OSTs. The only one I listen to very often is for Transistor, I think because I’d like it even if it wasn’t from a game I loved. There are also a fair amount of tracks structured like traditional songs in Transistor, so I don’t feel like I’m listening to background music. The only other time I listen to soundtracks is purely for nostalgia, so Mario RPG, Super Metroid, stuff like that.


Super cliche but the Marty O’Donnell soundtracks to the early Halo games just stuck with me likely due to the age I was when I discovered Halo CE. It was that right combination of great orchestral production and never having experienced anything like it.

That being said, I’ll second @Chronocide with Disasterpeace’s work, Hyper Light Drifter in particular. The atmosphere of that game relies so heavily on the music that I can feel the stress building if I’m just listening to it while working. Surhke’s Spelunky OST is likely my favorite of all time. I can listen to the Ice Caves theme any time and it’ll put me in a great mood.

I’m also in the Tropical Freeze support camp, and shamelessly listened to the title music while on my honeymoon. I’ll be damned if that OST doesn’t make a pina colada taste better.


My go to OST is FTL.


I’ve got a few OSTs that have made the escape into my real life… Persona 4, Fez, Minecraft, NieR:Automata, WatchDogs 2… I’m sure there are a few others but those are top ones I put on while working lately.


Sonic games pre-Boom have the best soundtracks. Like, just today I rediscovered the Secret Rings OST and HOLY HELL IS IT BALLER


Can You Feel the Sunshine is not only the best Sonic song but maybe the best video game song


I like Neo Geo music a lot, total chiptune mastery. And I feel like even before the Neo Geo, SNK had some very accomplished music that was complex beyond just the technical feat of having lots of voice samples and stuff. It’s all super listenable. :open_mouth: But the Neo Geo has a distinct enough sound that it’s almost its own thing. So I guess my favorite OST is “Neo Geo music.”

I mean hardware from 1990 did this:

Metal Slug 5 they went all out and somehow fit a streamed soundtrack onto the cartridge:


Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ape Escape are two of my favorites

Soichi Terada absolutely killed the Ape Escape OST

And the R4 soundtrack is just infinitely listenable