OST or not OST, what is your favourite?


Red Dead Redemption is probably the one I go back to the most.


Any youse given the mandatory shout-out to Daytona yet?


I’ve got so much vgm on my computer it’s not even funny.

For the sake of keeping things simple and not going off in a million different directions, I’d like to make the case that you should all accept Yuzo Koshiro as your lord and savior.


The Etrian Odyssey series in particular is a favorite of mine. The games themselves are not to everyone’s tastes (though I’m a huge fan), but the music is sooooo good. Too many great tracks to choose from.


Hotline Miami has a really great OST. One of the few video game soundtracks I can listen to outside of the context of the game. It works so well with the theme and flow of the game too, transforming the overkill violence into some kind of fluid dance. It’s one of the few games I will revisit just for the soundtrack too.




Probably not my favorite, but seriously, the score for the game does so much in terms of elevating everything else and setting the somber, lonely, yet wonderous curious tone the game has. The sound design around it too, like how the music in the bird temple gets more intricate and louder as you get further in. Or how the music compliments the journey the player is taking.

Many people talk about how scores aren’t super melodic now and how scores just aren’t memorable anymore. And it’s certainly true that the ear-worms of yesteryear are gone from many games, Hyper Light really signals to me that’s probably for the better in most cases. I wouldn’t say this score is traditionally melodic or catchy, but it still grabbed me in a way that isn’t all that common. It was one of the driving forces that kept me going through the game (that and the combat was :fire:), and remained tonally resonating the entire time.

Just compare the music in the original kickstarter trailer- which is still good - to Disasterpiece’s score to see how different the game could have been.

Best tracks:


Some great suggestions here. I certainly have to second the OSTs of both Nier and Nier:Automata.

However, I have a special place in my heart for the Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack. Part of that is the fact the the OST was present as redbook audio on the game disc, but I think the electronic music on offer succeeds at both evoking space and the future while also still feeling quite human. Most tracks have both a sense of tranquility and rythmic urgency that seem well suited to the temperment of gigantic plodding war machines. Umber Wall is probably the most iconic track, and Pyre Light is also a standout for me.


Oooooh yes, Triggernometry is excellent.

Funfact, I thought for the longest time that the mission to sneak/fight through the box canyon to the tune of Triggernometry, was supposed to be also accompanied by a thunderstorm. It wasn’t! But my first time playing that mission, with that song, made it my favorite moment in the whole game.


Specifically the Persona Super Live albums are some of my favorite things ever. It can seamlessly transist from pop to Lotus Juice raping in english to a sweet sax solo, keeping up the pace throught the entire concert.

Also shout outs to The Caligula Effect, which came out today in the west on vita.


Yes! The ODST soundtrack is probably my favorite VG ST, by far. It never leaves my car CD player, just in case I decide to turn off the podcasts for my commute.

Also, I haven’t listened to the Snake Eater soundtrack in forever, but I love myself some of that main theme.


I’m usually actually not super into listening to OSTs on their own, as much I appreciate great soundtracks in games, but I definitely have some exceptions for games that get especially emotive.

Summer Scouts and Incense from the We Know the Devil soundtrack are probably the two most recent ones for me.

I also keep finding myself listening to In Circles and _n C_rcl_s from the Transistor OST back to back to back, because I still Have Feelings about Sybil. Also, not technically part of the sountrack, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this video of all of Royce’s dialogue.


Transistor is one of those can-listen-on-repeat-for-days soundtracks for me. The other is anything Shoji Meguro touches (Persona, naturally, but Catherine is real good too).



I mean, just, Come On!

This is so good!


the 65daysofstatic score for NMS was so great even if the game was absolute buttholes


Kingdom Hearts has one of my favorite OST’s of all time. I find myself humming the Olympus Colliseum theme almost daily and Dearly Beloved is a masterpiece.


Wild ARMs 1
Wild ARMs 2
Wild ARMs 3.
Red Dead Redemption.
Those are the best three…four.


Any Super Monkey Ball soundtrack is good for me. One think which never decreased in quality in that game series was the soundtracks.

This track in particular is one of my faves


cracks knuckles loudly

Well most recently Nier Automata has been my “yes, this is how music should be” and has even gotten me into looking into the soundtrack from Drakengarde 3 especially after learning of the vocalist Nami Nakagawa like… god, music that’s accompanied by a human voice that positively haunting even without knowing the meaning of the words beings sung I’m just… :weary::ok_hand:

Aside from that recent rabbit hole digging, I mean I grew up on the music from Final Fantasy, still love Yoko Shimomura’s work in Kingdom Hearts and most recently Final Fantasy XV, had my musical awakening after hearing the soundtrack to Shadow of the Colossus, fell in love with Austin Wintory’s work on Journey. Being able to see that live music performance at MAGFest was one of the most emotional experiences for me, like I was in the crowd sobbing to the point where my boyfriend at the time was concerned if I was okay like… I mean I have so many faves for so many different reasons. Like I’m a musician so of course I’m going to become crazy emotional and involved about the music in games.

On that note, for a REALLY weird pick, Jesper Kyd who most people know from Assassin’s Creed II, back in the 90s did the soundtrack for a little bitty licensed Sega Genesis game.

Like I was FLOORED when I heard this piece because the kind of sound and tone it creates just feels SO ahead of its time and often reminds me a lot of the kinds of sounds coming from the electronic music scene today it’s just kind of nuts to realize this thing was around in 1994 and especially on the Genesis which was notorious for having the most unappealing electronic fart music ever (not that I blame them, the sound chip on the Genesis is a pain to work with).

Oops there I go, being on a soap box again about video game music.


The Stardew Valley soundtrack will always be a favorite of mine. TumbleSeed’s soundtrack is what I am currently loving.



(I love Chrono Trigger, Nier, FF6, 8, 12, & 13-2… man, too many game OSTs to name. I love so many of them.)



Also Briga-motherfucking-Dor