OST or not OST, what is your favourite?


Neotokyo was a great a mod but the soundtrack was even better, his new stuff for Deus Ex Mankind Divided was good as well but this is still by far my favorite OST

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I’m right there with you on the Yuzo Koshiro love. Recently I’ve discovered the 7th Dragon III OST and there are a number of choice tracks on there.


Hyperbole time: Nothing in gaming music beats the Ar tonelico/nosurge series. Central to the story/lore of the universe, composed in a functional, made up language (with some Japanese thrown in), with some insane vocal range from singers like Shikata Akiko, Shimotsuki Haruka, Kokia, et al. Some of the hymns in these games have wiki articles as befuddling as any JRPG plot all on their own. Nakagawa Ken in general does some good work over at GUST.


Bastian, Transistor and Max Payne 3.

The OSTs of Transistor and Max Payne 3 are a huge part of why I enjoyed those games. With Max Payne, in particular, the music got me through when the game wouldn’t have. It was a brutal, abrasive setting with some of the most disturbing moments I can recall from a game I’ve played, but the game remains one of my favorites because, to my surprise, that soundtrack was a beautiful, heart-thumping contrast to the story, setting, and gameplay. I didn’t realize it was composed by HEALTH until I finished.



Echoing some of the above posters: Transistor, Undertale, Mother 3, and Crypt of the Necrodancer are ones I often find myself listening to. Shadow of the Colossus has great music, and I listen to it sometimes, but I like it best while playing just because of the way it incorporates into the gameplay as you climb the Colossi.

One I find myself listening to a lot recently is Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor. So cheerful, brightens my day as I scrape by in the capitalist machine.


I have a friend who can sing in and understand Hymnos and its amazing to me. She LOVES it so much and I can’t blame her, as rough as that series can be the music is fantastic .


Great suggestions here I haven’t heard yet, will go through them later (except Nier, want to stay unspoiled as I’m definitely going to play it).

Another one I failed to mention: Lost Odyssey.
Yes, it’s Nobuo Uematsu again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I fell like he really knocked it out of the park here.

Speaking of Uematsu, some of the battle tunes in Terra Battle were pretty dope and, since the game is on mobile, mostly overlooked.


The Dig was one of those LucasArts PC games that had a dynamically mixed soundtrack. This feature was more exciting for the Star Wars flight simulators than for this kinda downtempo adventure game. The album arranged all the musical bits and pieces into some discrete tracks that instantly recall the beautiful blues, purples, and pinks of the archipelago you muddle through in the game.


Not huge on listening to soundtracks outside of games, but this one is probably my favorite and is physically a cool looking piece to have on a shelf next to the game itself.


I feel like people sleep on how good of a summertime hip hop feel OlliOlli 2’s OST was. I like when games with such invested music assumptions like skating games try something new.

And it’s currently really nice and sunny in Ireland so it sprang to mind.


Yasunori Mitsuda is SO GOOD. I can never understand why he isn’t at least as reknowned as Nobuo Uematsu.


Praise be to the Ori soundtrack. Woo, yeah!


Been enjoying this at work today! Really rad OST. It’s funky.



HEALTH are awesome dudes. I played a show with them back in 2008 or so on their first tour. So cool they do videogame soundtracks now!


Seen a couple of shout outs for both of these already but the No Man’s Sky OST is so so great because it comes from one of my favourite bands, and I suuuper love the Night In The Woods soundtrack. I need to look and see if I can get that anywhere other than Bandcamp cause I think it’d make something great to have as background when I’m commuting, etc

Oh and not an OST but I’m surprised Life Is Strange hasn’t come up! That has some really tracks featured


I can never go wrong with Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer Type-4 still strikes me as one of the best soundtrack ever created. Darius Gaiden is also really good to listen, its unusual soundtrack is strangely soothing.


The Dustforce soundtrack is so completely my jam. The game might be crushingly difficult, but those tunes are a breeze.

Ori and the Blind Forest’s music is some of the most beautiful I’ve heard in any game. Light of Nibel is just… lovely.

And it’s been mentioned once before, but Bastion is also definitely one of my favorites. It’s been six years, but that album still features prominently in my playlists.


I think Jake Kaufman (Virt) is a god right now; everything he does is amazing.

Seriously, check out what he’s done:

I’m also really into Disasterpeace who has a really interesting “chill” chiptune style that is great to listen to while working, studying, etc.

He’s done stuff like FEZ, Hyper Light Drifter, Mini Metro, and non-OST Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar


ayo gonna hit yall up with the Keiichi Okabe :fire: flames :fire:

  1. first of all we can’t talk about Okabe without Nier
    Gods Bound By Rules

  2. not many people played it but Drakengard 3 also has that fucked up IDM shit yall love
    Drakengard 3 - One Battle Theme

  3. and last but absolutely not least we go back to his Tekken roots with some chill ass stuff right here
    Tekken 6 - Edge of Spring