OST or not OST, what is your favourite?


Holy shit, that Crypt of the Necrodancer remix is super rad.


Seriously. He has this way of doing these chiptune solos that come off so naturally.

Crypteque (1-2 Remix) is probably my favorite


A bit late to the party here. I spent all week listening to the sweet OSTs you all posted.

  • so many more. I stepped out of games for a while between 2005 - 2010 so if anyone can post their favorites from that era I’d really appreciate it.


I really got into listening to the OST for the Wii game rabids go home. It’s by a Moldovan gypsy bass band and is just super frantic, which fit the game perfectly and suits being listened to in the early hours of the morning as you’re trying to get work done.


I still think that the best Zone music in WoW is Grizzly Hills. When those violins kick in… :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand::sweat_drops:


I checked me some Tekken 7 tracks to contain my hype for the game and apparently Taku Inoue is a god bringing some of the MEANEST tracks to the Tekken franchise and I just realized :cold_sweat:

Bandai Namco already has the best roster of composers one could find and they still manage to find more bringing even more diversity


Bastion and Transistors’ soundtrack add so much to exploring that world and the emotional peeks and troughs of the story and gameplay. They’re also great to listen to on their own which I try to do at least once a month. It’s a treat when they can do both.


The Witcher 3 man. So good


I’m glad Yuzo Koshiro got a mention ITT…

I’m also a very, very, very big Yuka Tsujiyoko fan:

and each of the Falcom games I’ve played has had a great soundtrack, jumping through genres & styles effortlessly & effectively.

for anyone interested, Red Bull Music Academy put out a short video series a few years ago called Diggin In The Carts that had interviews with 80s/90s composers & modern musicians, sort of exploring what it was like to compose music for early home consoles & the influence a lot of those composers had on musicians like Just Blaze (if you watched the Waypoint launch stream back in October, he played Revenge of Shinobi, and RBMA talks about that game with him - it’s great stuff).


The OST from the Japanese version Gran Turismo is just :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

My friend had an import and I could never figure out why his game sounded so good.


You’re welcome everyone.


I’m just gonna leave this here:


I see a lot of my staples have been covered already but I’ve yet to see my absolute favorite posted:

Instant chill whenever I hear these tracks.

And don’t forget Mother 3:

And the often-overlooked Tropico:


I thought I was going to be the 57th person to come in here and say Silent Hill 2, but not once? Come on now.

Akira Yamaoka is a god. Completely revolutionized how horror can be scored. Those weird jazz chords drenched in reverb and filtered. Just gorgeous.


I’m itching to play NieR so badly, and I’ve heard snippets of the soundtrack from the living room as my roommates play and it’s just making it worse. I have no context for Pascal’s Theme yet but I’ve never heard something so unique in my life. The first words that came to mind were “chao kindergarten death march”, I was delighted.

I also can’t get over how amazing that game transitions its music into the hacking scenes. That sweeping, RPG-battle-initiation, lightning-magic-ass sound it makes might be my favorite Sound in the world? i should prob get around to playing it huh

I posted about this game in the Rhythm Game thread already, but Gitaroo Man, to me, is right up there with Katamari in emotional significance linked to that very specific era of games.

The classic SNES/PSX era RPG soundtracks will probably forever hold the throne in my heart (Chrono Trigger/Cross, Brave Fencer Musashi, EarthBound, FF4-6), but there is so much good video game music!! I’m so glad y’all posted the Brink of Time arrangement album already. I LOVE officially-rearranged soundtracks with all my being, it is so cool to hear songs with such personal emotional attachment rearranged by the original composer.

I’ll take this opportunity to gush about Soyo Oka, who has such a unique ear and talent for weird-ass, chunky-ass chords, voice leading and harmony, that v much inspires me to this day in the music I make.

Her chords move like huge waves, that crash into you and surround you. I FEEL it so much, when the melody drops down in Rainbow Road. I wish with all my heart she was still making game music!!

and ain’t none of y’all post the outrun soundtrack yet


I really can’t think of many soundtracks in recent memory that fundamentally change the experience of playing a game quite the way Hotline Miami’s does. Both entries in the series have music that so perfectly contribute to this grimy, sinister, neon-soaked 80’s aesthetic while simultaneously providing hypnotic, synth-heavy electronic tracks that make the player almost numb to the ultraviolent nature of the gameplay. Following the last kill in a level, the music abruptly stops and leaves you to walk out of the stage, back through the carnage you’ve caused, in total silence. This eerie moment of reflection made me realize just how trance-inducing and effective the music was. Man it’s just so good.


boy, Persona 4 & Shoji Meguro already got mentioned a few times in this topic, but I recently started playing P4 and there are some HARD jams in it so far.


I gotta say, I prefer individual songs from video games to whole soundtracks. However, this topic seems to me the go to thread for posting video game music, so here are some of my favorite songs.

I know the name “Tommy Tallarico” means nothing to you kids, but he was a big deal for maybe two years in the 90s. Case in point. Dig the ill guitar solo (well, I guess you kids don’t care about guitar solos either…)

While we’re on the topic of the Earthworm Jim soundtrack, the theme for the first level has an incredibly memorable opening melody:

The whole Final Symphony album is brilliant. The London Symphony Orchestra arranged various tracks from FFVI into one tone poem.

While we’re on the subject of orchestral renditions of rearranged video game music, I simply never tire of hearing this medley of various Megaman tunes

Truth be told, I just wanted an excuse to post this song:


I’ve already sung my praises for this song all over the place, so I’ll just post this again and say it’s in my top ten songs of all time. Corridors of Time is a masterpiece.


I was so in love with the music played on Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3. Something about nothing but the oldies surviving the nuclear apocalypse seemed incredibly tragic. Like 200 some years of recorded history and culture, including the music, were just wiped out. But those old records made it, despite Three Dog himself saying that he has no idea what “disc” in “disc jockey” means. The tense fights with Super Mutants or Ghouls always had a strange juxtaposition with Billie Holiday too. That also really underscored the absurdity of that game very well.