OST or not OST, what is your favourite?


The Witcher 3 + the DLCs do a masterful job at setting tone and atmosphere via music. From the urgency of “On The Champs-Désolés” to the frequent re-use and editing of “Lullaby of Woe”, the game pulls me in very easily.



It is wonderfully trashy and exactly the kind of soundtrack I would’ve listened to when I was 12.

Another OST I adore is the Madworld soundtrack, which is criminally underrated. You Don’t Know Me is still like, the ideal villain song.


Not exactly an OST, but Fallout New Vegas’s soundtrack is one of my favorites, mainly for how it fits the setting, and also how comforting it is. There’s a great mix of jazz, country, and “Rat Pack” like music.


I’m a huge fan of the Transistor soundtrack by Darren Korb. The soundtrack for Bastion is really good too, but Transistor is my go to. Listen to it a lot while at work or while focusing in on something.


I’ve’nt played Wild Arms 4 but I was recently made aware of this absolute fucking jam and it rules


I can’t believe I’ve only found out about this now, but the soundtrack to Kenji Eno’s Enemy Zero is simply incredible. It’s written by Michael Nyman, who apparently is an actual minimalist classical composer. When you listen to it, take into account that its written for a horror sci-fi game inspired by the Alien series.

I wish more games would go for this kind of minimalist classical sound. Anyone else know other game soundtracks that sound like this?



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I’ve found Bloodborne to have a particularly strong soundtrack. Tracks such as Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, Witch of Hemwick and Micolash to be particularly stirring in their composition. They are fraught with terror, darkness and despair as though small envelopes that harbour a dark purpose to any who can bear to listen.

Beyond that, I’ve found Marty O’Donnell’s Music Of The Spheres to be particularly great. The unfortunate reality though being that they had never been released proper and whatever recordings there are are a collage of stitched audio, I do hope that it might be released someday.

Moving on to a more optimistic and stirring set of tracks; I’ve indulged myself in the soundtrack to Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. This set of tracks have proven to be genuinely pleasant to listen to and have accompanied me on my cycling trips to and from work when I’m not delving into an audiobook or podcast.

I’ve had my dalliance with others such as Axiom Verge, Dark Souls III, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Halo 5: Guardians, Hyper Light Drifter (Which has been exceptionally good for working in the lab to), Nier: Automata and the extended catalogue of Destiny and Destiny 2. Every single one of those has comfortably plinked along in my headset as I go about my business and have generally be interspersed with a modicum of Synthwave (The Midnight) and Piano Compositions (Lambert, Julien Marchal).


I’m super into the Ruiner soundtrack at the moment. It’s very good.


My all-time favorite single piece from any game’s OST is Jesper Kyd’s City of Rome from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

My all-time favorite OST overall is by scntfc, from the criminally underrated Oxenfree. It does an amazing job of setting a tone, starting with care-free beach party music, then moving to pieces that feel just a little bit off, moving to just completely discordant but still compelling music at the end.

Epiphany Fields (beginning of the game)

Catbird Station (things are getting weird)

Kanaloa (we’re through the looking glass, people)


Mass Effect 1’s OST is amazing. I’m not the type of person that listens to game soundtrack and I currently have it saved in a Spotify playlist. It’s a bit more electronic and brooding than 2 and 3, so I’m definitely down.


Mass Effect’s OST is amazing, and so is the one licensed song in the game, Faunts - M4 (pt 2)

They tried recreating that magic with a 30 Seconds to Mars song in Dragon Age: Origins, and it’s not a terrible song, but it wasn’t the same.


Favorites include NieR:Automata, Mass Effect Trilogy, Undertale, and Skyrim.

Most recently GT Sport has been a pleasure to listen to in the menus. That game is classy as hell and it knows it.


Most people here have mentioned a bunch of my favourite soundtracks already (silent hill, earthbound, zelda, donkey kong, hotline miami, undertale, pokemon etc), but nobody has mentioned Jet Set Radio or Kirby soundtracks yet! They’re huge inspirations for me when I write my own music, so I wanted to share them here:


I can’t believe I forgot THE CONCEPT OF LOVE


IT’S ALL SO GOOD! JSRF definitely has my favourite OST. Which is insane because there are so many amazing OSTs.


some real classics in this thread already, I wanna give a shoutout to the sounds of ESCHATOS, a 360/PC indie shmup that sounds like a lost mega drive game channelling speed metal


I can’t think of anything except for Mega Man X because it’s sweet ass 80’s metal and very good and no I don’t think regular (lame) Mega Man is better because I only ever had an SNES and didn’t know there was anything before Mega Man X until I was like 20 something don’t @ me.



The soundtrack to Frostpunk is absolutely rich with a deep, thrumming basso foundation, upon which a story of struggle, triumph and loss is built. These powerful pieces range from lonesome, struggling instruments that can maintain a melody only sparingly as though rationing their notes, to orchestral terror that echo the absolute fear of inhabitants clustered in their homes. The battering wind and ice tested against the Captain’s iron will or fanatical belief. The colony must survive.