OSTs for Moodiness: Game soundtracks you turn to when you need to get lost in something

People often talk about how exciting an OST for a game may be, or how it fits the atmosphere well. Many also talk about soundtracks in a vacuum and how nice they are to listen to by themselves.

One thing I haven’t seen is how a soundtrack resonates with sadness or melancholy. There is little discussion of how a soundtrack is good to sit just sit and sight to.

For me, I have listened to the Gone Home soundtrack many times when I’m stressed or upset. The signature “bum bum buuum buuuuum bum bum buuuuum buuuuum” of it has become closely associated with more trying points of my life. The softness of the soundtrack, and the measured pace are especially suited to those moments.

What game soundtracks do you turn to (or you find yourself turning to) when you’re sad, upset, down or otherwise?

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I feel like mentioning the NieR: Automata soundtrack here is a pretty obvious recent suggestion. But yeah. That.

I find good music tends to lift me even when it’s sad music and I’m sad, and I’ve been listening to it on commutes and it has a way of transforming them.


You can’t go wrong with Silent Hill 2 :slight_smile:

Another incredible OST for getting lost in the mood is Hyper Light Drifters. Both soundtracks take me back to certain places/moods/people in my mind again and again.


Kyle Hyde games are soundtracks I turn to if I am moody since that’s basically what the games are. Though, I usually just end up being sad we’ll never see a sequel ever.

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Jessica Curry is the immediate artist that comes to mind. The haunting Dear Esther soundtrack is one I constantly come back to.

A criminally slept on game by Jane Jensen called Gray Matter also had a great soundtrack with a low tone.

Gustavo Santaolalla’s The Last of Us soundtrack is probably the closest AAA OST that fits.

Mark Morgan’s old Fallout soundtracks are more eerie than sad (at least some of them) but they kinda fit into this shape. I’m pretty sure Bethesda walked back their blocking of the high quality re-releases of those old soundtracks so you can grab some great Vault Archives remastered versions online.

As for soundtracks that are sad by association rather than much of it being in the actual track composition: Life is Strange. That emotional roller-coaster has definitely left a lingering association with all the music from and used in that game.


This song. Whenever I’m feeling sad or melancholic, I always turn to this. I could easily listen to it for hours and probably have on more than one occasion. This theme goes along with one character (Magus) who spent a lot of his time locked away in a castle as a child and this song expresses the emotion so well.

It’s not just my favorite OST of all time, it may be one of my favorite songs of all time.


The soundtrack to Equinox: Solstice II has this great effect on me:


In before somebody mentions Shadow of the Colossus.

See? Told ya’.

I also endorse Silent Hill 2. To The Moon has some good stuff in there as well.


It’s all licensed music, but a moody autumn day just isn’t complete without the Life is Strange soundtrack.

(Not actually official)

Somebody already mentioned Silent Hill 2, but I’d like to refer to this specific extended track. It’s perfect for late night moodiness.

I recently beat SOMA and it’s high on my list of favourite ever games right now. Turns out it has a really great soundtrack too. So about half of it is spooky dark ambient tracks or chase music, but the other half is perfect melancholy piano parts.

I don’t know how much of it is has to do with the memories or associations I have from the game. There are some “upbeat” or faster tempo tracks in the soundtrack, but the whole thing is deeply weird and is shot through with a sense of regret or unease that makes it a good companion for regretful, uneasy days. Of which there are too many.


You made me remember this one from the same composer. Tim Follin is a genius


Gust stuff is good for a pick-me-up. Lots of flutes. Flutes are pretty happy.



The soundtrack to Organ Trail is superb as moody ambient music.( And strangely enough, I’ve only ever experienced this game through its soundtrack because I’ve let it idle in my backlog.)

Love me some good sadness…and ME3’s “An End, Once And For All” kills me every time.


There is no better game to get lost in than FEZ IMO, and part of that is due to the incredible soundtrack by Disasterpiece. Hyper Light Drifter was posted above. As much as I love that game and it’s soundtrack, I think it pails in comparison to the truly emotional and evocative music of FEZ, which serves as a principal element of establishing atmosphere throughout the game.

The whole soundtrack is beyond compare, but I timestamped “Beacon” as an example of a song that I find truly emotionally resonant, and a good example of the kind of aural experience FEZ has to offer.


Silent Hill, seconded. 2 and 3 are the best, but just about any soundtrack from 1 to 4 will make you feel like you’re in a different place.

Katamari Damacy. It’s impossible to not be charmed, if that’s what you feel you need.


A lot can be said about whether or not Everybodys Gone to the Rapture nails its execution but one thing I think goes without question is it has a haunting completely enveloping OST. On multiple occasions took my breath entirely away with its crescendos.


The soundtrack for Bastion is one that I go back to a lot.

This one song from Earthbound is the song that maybe makes me feel the most feelings.


normally i like listening to fast, uplifting music when i’m sad, but fear not this night is the perfect combination of optimistic and sad. other than that, soundtracks from games that i have lots of good memories of, like the pokemon games - i think certain mystery dungeon tracks fit into this category especially well.