OSTs for Moodiness: Game soundtracks you turn to when you need to get lost in something



zone tf out friends


Nier Automata is god damn amazing, it’s been said a million times before but I honestly think it still bears repeating just how magnificent that soundtrack is.

I personally also really like a lot of Austin Wintory’s stuff but the high point has to be the journey soundtrack. Top to bottom that soundtrack is absolutely incredible, and it stands out to me as the pinnacle of “classical” musical score in gaming bar none. There have been other games who have done the same thing as Journey, and stuff by Austin to boot, but I just don’t think anything touches what Journey has going on. It is quite frankly immaculate.


Jessica Curry’s stuff is absolutely one of the best aspects of The Chinese Room’s games. Came here to post another song of hers:

The whole Dear Esther soundtrack is really great with lot’s of memorable piano melodies and haunting cello’s. The neo-classical music of Max Richter I high recommend for anyone wanting more. You have most likely heard his song, On The Nature of Daylight, from its inclusion most recently in The Leftovers or in Arrival:


The oft-mentioned Nier Automata soundtrack is certainly the most recent one that truly makes me feel lost in something. Specifically the Amusement Park theme:

It just whisks me a away to a different place… A better place. A place of magic and wonder. A place I wish I could spend the rest of my days.

Though if we’re talking about downright dark and droning tunes, then American McGee’s Alice has been one of my go-to’s for… oh… 14 years now.

I’ve probably listened to Pool of Tears for at least an hour on repeat during the less happier times in my life:

Even now it immediately gets me in the mood. Just revel in it… Revel in the darkness of your heart.


I think FTL is probably the highest bar for in-game music in my book. It’s just so singular and to me perfectly embodies the sensation of playing the game.

Also, you get one of the coldbloom coozies?


Not quite dark, not quite light. Strange and intriguing soundtrack from The Talos Principle.


ME3 was pretty good for this, as it had a decent amount of tracks from previous ME games just paulstretched out in pretty ways.


The Lost in the Woods soundtrack got me through a funk a few weeks ago. It’s the first time I can remember playing a game and thinking “I need these songs”.

It’s perfect for walking around downtown on gloomy days.


So many good tunes here!


Uhhh… so another thread reminded me of Xenosaga 3. This is music from a boss fight. Kajiura Yuki is good.


I don’t think I saw VA-11 HALL-A being mentioned here. It was one of my favorite games in its year of release, and definitely my favorite soundtrack.

I kid you not, there’s a jukebox in the game where you can select up to 10 songs that will be played in a day (the game is divided by days); I left the game running in that jukebox menu for hours, because the songs were that sweet.

There really aren’t many other games with this kind of vibe, that matches very well the cyberpunk themes of VA-11 HALL-A.


A good one from Resident Evil 4 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97074iufVyQ


I haven’t played Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, but I love this track from the game

And I’d be loathe not to mention some tracks from The House in Fata Morgana, which has some amazing tunes

And here’s the ending theme from visual novel Sekien no Inganock just for kicks


Silent-Hill 2 is my go-to mood music for when I’m writing narrative (especially horror). It gets me in the exact frame of mind for that stuff and gives me a sense of peace while also letting me access something darker. I played that game so long ago (and replayed it so many times) it’s deeply ingrained in me.


a couple more obscure but good ones:


Also the fact someone did this with the NES Metriod soundtrack is fucking incredible.


Did it ever happen to you, that you listened to the OST so much that you forgot about all of the incredible dark/stressful music in the game that wasn’t released CD, but is only in the game?Because that happened to me :stuck_out_tongue: I only replayed it last month after a while, and I was blown away by how industrial/noise certain tracks were, and I was getting lost in the deep uncomfortable rumbles a lot more than I did in the past. And I’d never committed them to memory because I didn’t have them to hand until someone ripped all the music from the disk. I was shocked that there was a whole H O U R of music I didn’t know.

It definitely helps with my creative process to have music like this JAMMED into my ears too :slight_smile:


I’ve found myself coming back to the Echochrome II soundtrack, which is actually just a single, pleasant, 75-minute long song:


It’s nice to see a lot of classics and a lot of variety and oddities here. There’s one classic that I always go back to, the Secret of Mana soundtrack:

But more recently there’s been a second soundtrack that I keep going back to listen to, the soundtrack from LISA: