'Othercide' Is a Tactics Roguelike for Brooding Goths

It took me ten hours and eight retries to defeat the first boss of Othercide, a tactics roguelite by Lightbulb Crew. For a game about the endless cycle of an existential fight between good and evil, that seems fitting.

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Love hearing this! I don’t think I can overstate how interesting tactics game suddenly become once it is not just “my turn, their turn”. I love how crunchy encounters become once you need to start considering turn management, and how to possibly exploit it, though it sounds like the enemies do much more to exploit it, which is a fun challenge to overcome too.

A lot of my interest in this has been influenced by how much Magic I’ve been playing recently, where of the current matchups in Standard are about how to best use your resources on other players turns to open up your own turns, and how to stop your opponent from doing the same thing (and seriously, fuck Teferi, Time Raveler for squashing so much of this interaction).

But this is also a key part of Divinity: Original Sin II, which also uses a timeline to order combat, and is a much better game for it. Though it sounds like the timeline plays a much more foundational role in Otherside. Adding timing as one of the resources you have to consider creates so much space for interesting decision making and opportunity cost consideration I crave in tactics, and hearing it has such a big role in Otherside really makes me want to try this out.