Our Favorite Games of 2018: Austin and Natalie Don't Know How to Shut Up

Welcome to Waypoint's End of Year celebration! This year, we're digging deep into our favorite games with dedicated podcasts, interviewing each other about our personal top 10 lists, and reflecting on the year with essays from the staff and some of our favorite freelance contributors. Check out the entire package right here!

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three hours of calcutec and natwat, an ultimate christmas gift


A 3 hour pod with Austin and Natalie is like waking up on the 26th and realizing there was one last present under the tree that you somehow didn’t see the day before and get to unwrap, hell yeah. Not very far in yet but I’m glad to hear them talk about gacha games and how they can be both problematic and still really fun to play. It’s seems to be a thing most sites don’t talk about so it’s nice to hear them talk about it.


I gotta go finish undertale and deltarune before listening to the last 45 mins or so of this podcast.
At least I got to listen to the other great discussions.


I wish I could bottle the moment where Natalie kind of sheepishly says there’s a picross game with anime in it and Austin replies “Hell Yeah.”


I definitely didn’t come down that hard on Alphys. IDK if my reading of the situation with her was wrong but wasn’t the deal with the monsters in the lab that they were already dying / had died and she was trying a last ditch effort to save them or bring them back? Definitely how she responded after it went wrong was really bad, but that made my read of it less terrible.

I think her story being a meditation on how you can’t make up for doing something wrong by hating yourself (you have to actually take steps to own up and make it as right as you can) is a really valuable lesson, so I was happy to see it included.


As someone with a long flight coming up, I feel recognised and seen by this podcast. Now to commit myself to ironclad restraint for the next three days…


Just started listening to this episode and it’s great as usual. Seeing Bloodborne on Natalie’s list made me super happy because of how much I enjoyed watching her stream it, and for her gaming confidence!

Will have more thoughts once I’ve listened fully, but I have to post here because I’m so curious as to the chess videos Austin has been watching. Point me in the right direction Mr. Walker.

I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I would guess he’s talking about agadmator, I’ve seen him mention agadmator’s videos before on Twitter (I started watching the channel a lot after one of those mentions, which is why I remember)

Awesome, thanks. I’ll check it out.

This was seriously the best. Thank y’all so much for this.

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It was more incidental than anything. The experiments were less “let’s try to bring these people back from the dead” and more “well, since we’re studying this mysterious X-factor element, let’s see what happens when I inject it in a few bodies”.

I really like her as a character, but it’s a moment that illustrates a casual disregard for ethics in the pursuit of her goals.

I had this exact same sentiment! It felt like one last surprise gift.

I really, really wanted to hear Natalie’s reaction to the Sans fight if I’m going to be honest.

Gimme 3 hour podcasts! I love them like Halloween!

For what it’s worth, there is a great conversation underway in the topic for Natalie’s top ten lists. I am not mandating you to shuffle it over there (or using my mod powers to force that move myself), but this is just a suggestion to check out if you want to continue it there or continue to discuss it in another venue.


Great discussion however the continued discussion about acknowledging creators was a little problematic for me. I primarily work as a designer for theatre. Theatre has a long history of criticismmwhich has matured beyond the praise of spectacle. But I’m sure most people have little idea how the production process works, yet criticism has progressed. Finding who drew the journal in red dead 2, wouldn’t be posible in film or theatre as the credits would just list artists by their group: props, Carpenters, fabricators, painters, modelers, etc.

I think waypoint is helping to elevate the discussion of video games within some circles. Giant bomb’s guest games of the year and idle thumbs are all working in different ways to a higher discourse. Thank you.

I just popped in to say that the best part of Undertale is listening to everyone’s experiences with it. Even when the HD Remix re-release comes out in 2025, I’m always looking forward to hear about how everyone’s travel though that story was.

I have only sampled the ending Undertale chat because I’m going to be travelling a lot very soon, but I really loved Austin and Natalie’s deep dive into my current favourite game of all time.

I’m going to replay it for the first time since it came out, and it’s so great to have this framing and context as I revisit it.

I “Yo!”'d out loud when Austin said there were Mecha Gacha games out there. I was completely unaware of any of them except the singular one I play, and it is…well if Natalie thinks her game has got some problematic Anime Bullshit in it, let me introduce you to Master of Eternity: which is basically a giant mecha tactics anime game, set in space, where you date your pilots, Visual Novel style.

It’s a Whole Lot, to be sure, but it’s one of the few games on my phone that I genuinely enjoy and doesn’t feel like it’s trying to fleece me for all my money.

I finished this episode today, and I’m confidently ready to say this is the best, most in-depth, most informative and enriching, and most entertaining video game podcast episode i have listened
to in 2018. I genuinely feel richer for hearing the two of you talk for three hours. Austin has been a titan of mine since the Giant Bomb days, but I want to offer MASSIVE props to Natalie - in the brief period you have been full time on the site, you have gone from my favorite Bloodborne streamer to one of the most confident, comfortable, socially conscious critics out there. The journey it took for me to not cringe at my own work was half a decade; I’m so glad Natalie is so insightful and so much on point to engage on high level subjects.

Thank you two. This was a real treasure, and will be one of my touchstones for why I recommend Waypoint going forward.