Our Favorite Games of 2018: Austin's Top Ten


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I’d given some of Walker’s top games (the top two in particular) misses for fear of them falling short of their lofty expectations I’d seen conferred on them. This list doesn’t diminish those, but it makes a case for each so persuasive that it makes me very excited to dig into them in 2019. Even if I end up glancing against them or they don’t pierce me as deeply as they did Walker, I think I can be okay with that.

It is, as ever, a pleasure to see an Austin Walker byline.


I already tweeted this at Austin, but that list just added Heaven Will Be Mine to my list of games to pick up.

I’m already heavily invested in Into the Breach and Battletech. Pulling another mech game in a totally different genre into the rotation seems like a good idea.


This is an extremely Austin Walker list of Austin Walker games. Mechs, anime, cyberpunk, and failure.

Glad to see Heaven Will Be Mine on here! Hadn’t talked much about it from what I recollect.


Austin, I had that year, too, and video games were a very welcome escape. Even though I’m an indie girl rather than a combat girl (no reflexes), just being able to think about something, anything else was a profound relief. I love reading, but the kind of concentration and openness to grief and rage it requires is different, for me, from Oxygen Not Included, Don’t Starve, Shadowhand, or House Flipper.

Here’s hoping we all have less to escape from soon. Solidarity to you.


this is a great list which does a thorough job of describing some terrific games and why they’re important & fun to play. i don’t always enjoy hearing about “moments” experienced in games, but Austin - and the Waypoint crew in general - always seem to find ways to get those narrative hooks into me and make me excited about hearing about a game.

as i look back on this past year, intense or awe-inspiring moments shared with friends during sessions of Monster Hunter, Sea of Thieves, and No Man’s Sky come to mind, as do minutes (or hours…) spent puzzling over Into the Breach and Battletech scenarios. i enjoyed literally all of my time with Heaven Will Be Mine and i’m looking forward to revisiting it, which feels like a rare gem.

having followed your recommendation on six out of ten already, i’m looking forward to spending time with the remaining four games from your list. cheers.