Our Favorite Games of 2018: Danielle and Cado Are On Their Bullshit

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I’m one of those who had to choose one game between Celeste, Dandara and Iconoclasts at the start of the year. I chose Celeste and Iconoclasts. (I swear I’ll get to Dandara soon!)

Danielle didn’t say how far she got in Iconoclasts, but I think if she had finished it, it might have earned a higher spot on her list given that her praise for it was based on its story. That game goes places. The whole last third of that game has moment after moment that are going to stick with me for a long time.


Huh, that’s good to know about Iconoclasts. I’m about 3 hours in and am constantly frustrated with the obtuse puzzle design. But if the story is that good, perhaps I’ll stick with it.

Honestly Dandara isn’t super meaty. It only took me about 7 hours to beat it, and I finished with like a 80% completion percentage. So it goes by fairly quckly if you want to try it. (I would put it about at Honorable Mention level on my goty list, very solid)

between the 3, Iconoclasts is the one that i missed. which is sad, because from what i know of the story, i think i would love it.

The puzzle design is consistent throughout, I’m afraid. And if you’re just 3 hours in, you haven’t made it to a certain puzzle boss that’s the design nadir by a lot. But if you like the action and are intrigued by the plot, I do recommend pushing through.

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I find myself really jealous hearing people describe Mooncrash in such glowing terms. Prey was one of my favorite games of last year, and i wish i could have more. Its just that Timer is so antithetical to what i loved about prey. I loved assesing the situation and picking what i wanted to do. And that Time poking me in the back going “hey, hurry up,” is just not how i played Prey and it bothers me. Meh, i’m glad people enjoy it though at the very least.

Are individual top 10s going to go up as articles on the main site at any point or are they just appearing in podcast form this year?

I want to just echo @GibdoInferno—for the first half or so of Iconoclasts I was wondering if I’d be able to finish it, and then narratively it just opens up and turns into something really special. I did also feel like the puzzle-platformy boss fights got significantly less agonizing after the halfway point (i.e. that design nadir). And there were a couple of bosses towards the end that I thought were pretty phenomenal. It’s worth sticking with if you’re at all intrigued by the plot/writing/characters and can tolerate some early missteps (and also it’s worth just looking at a guide if a boss is giving you problems—there are a couple that really do not signal their weak points well).

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They seem to be going up on the site too – Danielle’s went up not too long ago!

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