Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Hollow Knight'

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I feel seen. I’m so happy that they discussed this game because it dominated my time earlier this year. Hollow Knight is so enjoyable, melancholy, hopeful and charming. I loved every minute of it, even the two weeks it took me to be that final boss.

I only wish they had discussed the lore a bit more, because the story and characters are great. And when our girl Hornet yells “Git Gud” in bug talk when she sets you up to face the Radiant is one of the many moments that made me adore that game.


It took me 2 weeks as well. :joy:
I would play a 10-15 mins per day. I wound up using a guide. But the game is so great that I still felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Lovely discussion of Hollow Knight on the pod!

This was definitely one of my favorite games of the year, and it kind of snuck up on me. I’ve never played a Souls-like before and I was worried the unforgiving style of combat wouldn’t work for me. The beautiful art and evocative world building really drew me in, though, and by the end I found I really enjoyed the sword combat too - especially the one on one duels with Hornet.

The panel discusses what they’d like to see from Team Cherry in the future at the end, and it got me thinking about that too. Here’s what I’d like from their next game:

  • A whole new world to explore. I don’t want to go back to Hollow Nest; I want to recapture the feeling of wonder as I uncovered its secrets for the first time. For that we have to go somewhere new.
  • Stick with the 2D art. It’s just so gorgeous.
  • Maybe Team Cherry could try their hand at a Zelda-like? It has plenty of similarities with the Metroid formula that Hollow Knight riffed on, but the top-down perspective would be an interesting change of pace. Imagining a 2D Zelda with the incredible sword combat and world building of Hollow Knight is an exciting idea to me!

I’m curious about the opinions of other forum posters as well - what do y’all want from future Team Cherry games?

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What does it say about how great the games of 2017 were that one of the best games of 2018… are just games from 2017?


If Hollow Knight can go in their Best Of 2018 list than as far as I’m concerned I’m putting Captain Toad in too. Never got to play it on the WiiU outside a demo at a con, loved it to shit.


Hollow Knight is pretty amazing so it’s good to see it recognized here.

Still stunned the content around this time of year is always introduced as “Waypoint’s End of Year celebration” and not just called “Endpoints.”


re: the question of their next project,

I loved Hollow Knight but I struggled with the difficulty. To their credit the team obviously thought about it as well, you can see where they tried to make more difficult fights more manageable and the really hair pulling stuff is for post game content.

I guess what I’m saying is i’d love to play a game like Hollow Knight, and others with similar design philosophies like Dark Souls, and not want to punch a hole in the wall in frustration. And I realize that this is a …solipsistic answer? because difficulty is so subjective but…that’s what I want, from my perspective in my universe.


Should I skip this episode if I haven’t got to Hollow Knight yet?

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I’d say skip it for now. There are some cool surprises that they spoil in the discussion.


Cool, thanks for letting me know!