Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Monster Hunter: World'


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Waypoint End of Year List Number Crunching

Y’all if you are getting a monitor to just to keep an eye on Twitter I feel for you.


The dense menu systems always looked really daunting to me. I think it was that Easy Allies review that steered me away from trying this one, though now I am looking for games to play with my partner…

I think I’ll eventually pick it up for us when it’s on sale.


Don’t know what platform you’re looking to pick it up for, but it is currently on sale on the Playstation store for $25 for PS+ members :slight_smile:


There’s a lot left for me to play from 2018, but Monster Hunter World is my current forerunner.

Feels like the realization of two decades of ambition.

Edit: That all being said, I DO agree 100% with the Waypoint crew on the narrative being a huge detriment to the game overall and would love to see more of a conservationist angle to the story.


Favorite game this year. Up until this point I never really had a game series I was a huge fan of, and this year I discovered I love Monster Hunter and the Soulsborne series.

The multiplayer aspect of MH is my favorite kind in any game. Teaming up with your friends to overcome a huge challenge and craft cool gear when you succeed.

Edit: And they do mention that you can burnout on the combat in the game, which I would counter a bit with saying the nice thing in these games is you can switch weapons and it becomes a whole other thing to familiarize yourself with. Now this isn’t conducive to someone who has to move on to new stuff, but if you enjoy the game enough and don’t need to move on or can’t, it is nice to have that additional way of refreshing your verbs.


I just wanted to drop in to say I really like the idea of dedicated dives for individual games for End of the Year! If it were the only thing, it would risk missing other small incredible games, but alongside that, it gives a good opportunity to dig into the particularities of this years knockouts! :slight_smile:


Yeah, they could definitely do more story, World has significantly more story presence than previous games but they’re still not even giving characters names, just their job titles.

The description of the anime with a boy riding and raising these monsters sounds like the game Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) which some people swear is way better than Pokemon.


I really need to play that game. I wish they would port it to Switch!


I have a deep love of Monster Hunter, but do agree with the criticisms about the game’s narrative and weird arena battles. I don’t like doing them unless they are the wild ones that make the monsters super huge and turn me into Ryu. The story is so frustrating because it some so close to being a story about protecting the Island from this weird dragon, but then you stay behind for bad reasons. They could have just said “we should hang out because that weird mountain dragon will come back” and that would have been more acceptable.

After 140 dumb hours later of filling out armor sets and hunting Elder Dragons, I thought I was done. But this weekend I got back on my bullshit and decided to get mauled by some arch tempered elders. Spike Dragon still sucks real bad and deserves everything he gets, but he is no longer the meanest boy out there.

Side note: I do wish everyone got to become friends with the Gajalaka(island native with dope masks). But you need to really work at it in the game to befriend them. And then only a small group of them finds you acceptable and the rest just don’t target you if you are beating up monsters. But they will totally fight you if you hang out. It is one of the moments when the game goes “Nah, you can’t befriend all of them. Their culture is to complex and it would take a life time to navigate it. But this group will give you this cat sized bomb, which is pretty good.” It is the only part of the game where it pushes back a little bit against the colonialist narrative. But it is so small its barely worth talking about.


I loved Monster Hunter: World and would still be playing it if my friends hadn’t lost interest.

It also yield one of my favorite gaming moments of the whole year where I hit an Anjanath so hard it toppled over just before it could torch me. I literally cheered after that because I was so hyped.

I love this game and can’t wait to get back to it in the new year.


The worst part about Monster Hunter is having to admit I played it entirely solo except for SOS flares. I never found the time to play with a regular group in the year of our lord, 2018.


The Waypoint Discord was very helpful in finding people to just drop in and play with, but even then the nature of the game meant it was hard to find people who were in the same gear level as you.


I’m not sure if MHW is my favorite game this year, but it’s definitely the one I put the most time in. I spent around 250 hours in World, and the first hundred or so of those were completely solo. Once I was in post-game, I found it so fun to just help any random people I could drop in with, even if it wouldn’t benefit my progress or grind in any way.

I haven’t revisited it since the summer and I’ve been meaning to go back, but I’m scared I’ll get sucked back in for another hundred hours or more. I really want to see that Behemoth though…


I might give that a shot. I’ve never really been adverse to helping out with easier hunts. There is always a new weapon to learn and god knows I have enough relic weapons that I’ve never touched. It is mostly the nature of 2018 that made it to hectic to devote time to a group.


Yeah the improvements made in World were a long time coming for the series.

Also shout outs to the face maker in the character creator, spent a lot of time with that.


Unfortunately they archived the MH specific channel on the discord. So it is a bit harder to find people now. Let me know if you’d like to play sometime! AT Kulve is out this week and I’d like to find more people to run it with.


Just gonna say that while it sucks that far cry took Austin away from playing a game he liked, I feel we needed his far cry review.


I could not play, my empathy factor would kick in as soon as the Monsters tried to limp away and I would just hate what I was doing. Had fun playing, no fun feeling.


Just wanted to compliment the intro music, it sounds like the Phantom Thieves are going to steal Santa’s heart.