Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Sea of Thieves'


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This episode is great – I am less than ten minutes in, but while I know other game websites are dropping their game of the year stuff, do make time for this – between Danika Harrod being back to guest and Rob Zacny bringing a payload of boat puns, this isn’t one to skip over.


You could have said “boatload of puns”, but you didn’t, and that says a lot about a person.


“I expected to disapprove of the kind of folderol you can get up to in the Sea of Thieves.”


Not gonna lie I am 100% in for Commodore Rob Zacny and Aubrey-Maturin discussion. 300% even.


Im really glad that I’m not the only one who thought @2Mello awesome intro/outro sounds like it was an unused Persona track that was just recently discovered over on The Cutting Room Floor.


This was such a refreshing take to listen to about Sea of Thieves after hearing many other outlets crap on it so much. I’m glad the game left such a strong impression on you all. It really does seem like something special in the right context.


I honestly don’t care a lot about Sea of Thieves. But I do miss Danika a lot so…

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