Our Favorite Waypoints of 2020

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Great, now I’ve got to find out where I got to in The Mentalist. I’ve always found network tv to be an interesting creation, as they’ve got to work within the constraints of TV (Network notes, ad breaks, renewability) and not have to worry about trying to be Movies like prestige tv is. Working within the lines gets you ER, The Mentalist and Person of Interest (Which to me was far more interesting than the equivalent prestige show by the same creators, Westworld)

In fact, more games should try to be Network TV. Where is the game about the lives of operations workers of a large airport. Where is the game about people working the night shift at a hospital. Where is the game about twenty-somethings living their lives in an apartment complex.

Anyway, rant over.

I love Just King Things so much I’m actually reading The Long Walk right now just so I can be maximum Kingly when their next episode hits.


I feel like the answer to this question is “visual novels”.


The other answer that isn’t “visual novels” is “things that aren’t quite games or are on the simulator/game division”.

Pls Persona 6 be about 29 year olds trying to stay up until midnight while drinking but failing.


The Mentalist is just a lovely show and scratches the “throw it on up” nature that I want from network TV while also having this lovely cast of characters. And agree wholeheartedly with the Red John timing take. Might not have been the absolute perfect timing but glad they didn’t hold out until the very last season to try and wrap that up. They laid it out and went for it.

I appreciate the passionate pitch forThe Mentalist by Rob (and Austin), despite not liking the genre I plan on checking it out.

Well, now I’m watching (and enjoying) The Mentalist – that was such a strong pitch. I had never even given this show a first glance up until now.

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