Our Hero Neighbors: A Game of Community, Collaboration, and Cooperation (Micro-TTRPG)

Hey all,

In honor of Savepoint, the Jewish New Year (l’shana tova), and the power of collective action, I wanted to share a micro-ttrpg I made. It’s called Our Hero Neighbors.

Originally, I made this game as a gift for my mother in-law for Chanukah. She heard that I was getting published in a number of works for D&D and wondered what that was all about. I figured that rather than trying to teach her to play D&D, which runs contrary to a lot of what she’s about, I’d make a little something that speaks to her values.

Players take on the role of members in a neighborhood of Smalltown USA who each have unique abilities that can help overcome obstacles ranging from the mundane to supernatural or cosmic. Abilities include things like being able to reliably transport large quantities of things, being able to get in touch with anyone at any time, or being able to provide care (medical, emotional, or spiritual). Will your neighborhood come together in times of strife? Play to find out. This game is intentionally rules light to emphasize storytelling, eschewing having an answer for every mechanical question in favor of pushing the players to drive the narrative forward.

While I do have a price listed on my store, Waypoint community members can have it for free by clicking the Itch dot io download link HERE. I’ll keep this download link available for a week or two.