Our Wildest Hopes for 'Control: AWE'

An extradimensional puppet show. A giant deer statue come to life. Filing paperwork related to the movements of a rubber ducky. These sort of mundane-made-extraordinary situations are part and parcel to the worlds of Remedy’s games. With the recent announcement of new DLC, they bring two of those worlds together. Alan Wake is now officially canon in the Control universe, and the implications have Gita, Rob, and I excited for what’s possible. We discuss the new DLC’s announcement stream, the Halo Infinite delay, and more on today’s episode of Waypoint Radio. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Listening to this makes me feel real bad I didn’t finished Alan Wake. The combat was just irritating with the light stuff and I had to play on PC with terrible graphics settings.

Maybe it is time I watched a playthrough or something.


Whenever I replay Alan Wake I just set it to the easier difficulty and breeze through the combat. If somehow you could mod it into a graphic adventure where at most you have to dodge and flashlight monsters to escape (with maybe a 3rd of the encounters) I’d probably do that. Either way the story is what you’re there for. While Control plays better what makes it special is also everything else about it IMO.

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