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Anyone whose read the Horror Movie Recommendations thread knows I’m a goddamn nerd for spooky stuff. Partly so I don’t take up that whole topic, but mostly because I like to gush about the stuff that scares me, I’ve started up Outside of a Dream, which focuses on the best in New Horror.

As I’ve said in the other thread, this decade is the best time for fresh, innovative horror since the 1970s, in large part due to smaller and/or independent films by folks like Ti West, Jordan Peele, Leigh Janiak, Jennifer Kent, etc. I aim to analyze these movies and why they work, and do so in a way that both appeals to horror nerds and rookies of the genre. As the series goes on, I’m also going to discuss the (informal) therapeutic effects of horror and how it’s helped me. For now, the schedule is biweekly (once every two weeks), with a Friday release.

While episodes 1 and 2 are just me rambling solo about The Babadook and The Witch, I just launched episode 3, in which short horror fiction writer and Rise of the Tomb Raider narrative designer Cameron Suey (@josefkstories on Twitter) stopped by to discuss The Blackcoat’s Daughter.

You can listen to Outside of a Dream wherever you download podcasts. The direct RSS feed link is https://t.co/Yj0O6gyMzP I also host individual episodes at the Outside of a Dream website.

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New episode! I also updated the original post to include the new Twitter feed.

Cameron Suey stops by again to discuss It Comes at Night, Trey Edward Shults’ second film and his first foray into horror. Set during an unspecified viral outbreak, two families are brought together at a woodland cottage and are torn apart through paranoia, tribalism, and poor communication. Steel yourself, as It Comes at Night is psychological horror at its most raw and ambiguous. On much lighter notes, I nerd out over movie commentaries and Cam goes buckwild with discount Halloween decorations.

It Comes at Night can be rented on YouTube.

VIDEO: Curve

Story: SCP-001 - Kate McTiriss’ Proposal

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Soooo I was going to have an episode up this week (for The Interior), but a combination of technological issues and personal crises has delayed it for another week. My sincere apologies to anyone who has been following along.

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