‘Overwatch 2’ Is Real And It’s Getting a Story Mode

Very funny to me how only like 3 years after the ‘single player is dead, all hail the multiplayer shooter’ we’re right back to where we were. Remember how Battlefield, COD, Battlefront etc. were all going to stop focusing on single player?

Also for all the calls to ‘just make a movie’ I think a blizzard movie will be really bad. The best they can do is shorts where bad writing/performances are carried by the stellar cgi and score. I doubt the same will hold for a whole 90 minute feature


I don’t think anything Blizzard could write would give me nearly as much satisfaction as the work put in by fans to flesh these characters out. I’ve read better AU fics than the content I’ve seen here. There are some parts of it I like, and I think the spectacle of it and the way it’s put together is well done, but mostly I feel like maybe they should let all their developers and artists that so desperately want to be making MechaGodzilla vs. King Kong go and, uh, do that. The fact that a lot of the lines are also ripped straight from the game so they didn’t have to record anything new is also pretty bad.

I fell off Overwatch hard after it became super clear that Blizzard wasn’t at all interested in making a game casual players could enjoy, focusing instead on the competitive scene where they could make the most dosh. I fell off Blizzard after this Hong Kong debaucle, and that apology hasn’t done anything to make me feel like they’re actually interested in “doing better”, and more like all they want to do put is the past (month) behind them. Added to that, this seems like a blatant cash grab on Blizzard’s part. This doesn’t seem like it’ll be much different from Overwatch’s seasonal Archive PvE stuff, so I’m failing to see why it merits its own game, other than Blizzard wanting to recapture the casual, lore-interested fans it lost with it’s hard pivot to competitive emphasis.


action figures pose racistly and sexistly
Fans: ah, well, I guess a secret backstory of x, y and z would make this slightly less problematic
Blizzard: that’s exactly right

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