Overwatch League Is About Giving Blizzard Control, But May Hurt the Game


A massively expensive esports boondoggle for rich investors? It feels like we've seen this movie before.

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Great article. I’m not huge on esports at all outside of some fighting game stuff, but even I’ve heard about the poor way Overwatch League has generally been handled. I’m with Rob in thinking it probably won’t get anywhere. Esports are a strange beast.

On a slightly tangential note, does anyone else find Overwatch relatively…boring to watch, at the moment? I’ve tried a couple matches and it just hasn’t engaged me. I’m assuming that doesn’t help OWL’s case, either.


Yeah the spectator mode is not very good compared to other FPS games and esports juggernaut like CS:GO. It’s just unfortunate that Blizzard decided to take this approach and really forced a lot of endemic teams to give up rosters and players have to work 100x harder to get on one of these teams.