Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


It strikes me as odd that Waypoint dot vice dot com doesn’t have a general OW discussion thread, given how often there’s updates and new content. Let’s change that yes?

The game turns 1 today and HELLA loot dropped. I love the new skins, and Mei doing her anime dance is the cutest thing, as Anime is good. More deets here: https://www.polygon.com/2017/5/23/15680370/overwatch-anniversary-event-skins-maps-emotes-blizzard

Anywho, who do you main, what platform do you play OW on, and all that. I’m on PC, TheAnarchris#1464, and I usually roll Tank or Healing as Rein or Mercy. I also play a bit of junk, and trying to improve my DPS game with Phar and my sweet good gay daughter Tracer.

Doomfist just got revealed

One of my happiest gaming moments was getting to play a match against the folks at Giant Bomb on stream last year. The first round was especially fun because I got to play as Pharah and go Mecha Queen v. Mecha Queen against Austin!

That said, I fell off around the time they introduced Competitive. Not because of the mode, but I have a hard time staying attached to competitive games. Despite that, the time I spent playing was a ton of fun (few things feel as good as having a great Pharah game), and I do enjoy returning every now and then to see what’s changed.


That’s dope!

I never really dipped into competitive too much, because that scene is hella toxic. I usually stick with QP and Arcade, and whatever the event is.


Yeah, OW was always most fun as a casual experience to me (I still try to get back in whenever there’s an event going on). It was great this time last year when almost nobody had a good handle on how everything worked, but now every time I try to go back I just feel like I’m hindering my team. :confused:


I’ve always been a CTF guy, going back to UT99. I’m a natural flag runner. As a result I play Pharah, Mei and Sombra a bunch. Since I flag run so much I know what an effective defense looks like, so I play Symmetra and Torb if no one else will defend.

I’m a level 225, but I’ve only played like 10 hours of QP and Competitive. The rest is from the events and CTF. I miss Mei’s Snowball offensive and LucioBall.


CTF was a much welcomed edition. I usually hang back and defend as Symm or Torb in QTF, but if I’m need on flag duty, its either Junk, D.Va or Mercy.


Skins looking nice. OMG that bee Mei!


I am ALL about that new D.Va skin. hopefully I get better drops than I did with uprising.


All I have to say is that Mei’s Hare Hare Yukai is the only thing that has made me want to play Overwatch since launch.

Have fun.



Junkrat doing the running man is too sweet.


it’s good, but it’s no Zarya doing the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship intro


Honestly I think it comes down to where you fall on the “Favorite Kanye Album/Is Anime good” spectrum.


hmmm that could be, I’m a “That bit in Saints Row 3 where you jump out of the helicopter while Power plays” and “as much as anything, I guess” man myself.


I got Mei’s Beekeeper skin in my very first loot box, so like, it’s been a good event, but I’m done now. I have what I need.

But seriously, I’ve been playing the new elimination modes, and I really like the changes they made. Makes things a lot more interesting.


I haven’t spent money on OW boxes since Halloween (guess who got Witch Mercy, hint: NOT ME!), so I’m tempted to drop real dollars on this as the event wraps up. Unless I draw OverWatchdogs Tracer, then I will have done it, and defeated BIG BLIZZARD.

Also do we want to attempt to get a community night going down the road, assuming we all play on PC.


I’m starting to feel like people have solved Sym’s defense. Starting to see more Bastion/Torb defenses than Sym/Torb. I should really learn Bastion, since he seems more useful in the other modes than Sym and Torb, but first I need a computer that can get better than 18 frames per second.


ah cool free loot box…
three voice lines & a blue victory pose, nice.

i haven’t played for ages. and i feel too much pressure going into a 3v3, so i just do quick match & it’s inevitably a bit underwhelming with people doing their own thing mostly.


I love this game so much, yet I have toxic interactions with players everytime I pick it up. It really bums me out because I want these skins, but don’t want to play the game.


I was hesitant to jump into this game because I’m not much into competitive only games, but I wound up picking it up in October and it instantly became a great chill out game for me to just solo queue while I listened to podcasts.

I play with friends more often now on PS4, primarily when events are going on so I’ll definitely be hopping back on for this anniversary content.

Since I’m not a huge FPS fan I generally play support. Zenyatta’s my main but I also mess around with Mercy and Lucio from time to time.

D.Va is my favorite character overall and I typically hop to her when there’s already enough healers on the team.

I’m hype about her new costume because COME ON LOOK AT THIS.


Hopefully I wind up getting at least a few of the cool skins because I came away from the Chinese New Year event with practically nothing and it broke my heart.


A lot has been said about it already, but I can’t believe how great of a job Blizzard did in making Overwatch appealing to people hesitant to dive into competitive shooters. Making it impossible for other players to see exactly how you’re performing, the voting at the end of the game to give props, having a screen to precisely explain a hero’s abilities available to see at any time, and awarding medals for a wide variety of actions made for a rewarding experience for someone like myself who was always a little self conscious about their multiplayer performance.