Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Defense Torb is GREAT on the new map, but an veteran team can counter it with a Ana/Sombra/Phar combo quite easily from what I played last night. But it does overall favor the defense team none the less.


i have found that whenever a new map gets introduced, the defence team usually has an advantage at the beginning? bc of the time at the beginning to investigate the map/get situated/ the necessary mobility of a defensive team, i had the exact problem with eichenwald at the beginning, im sure it’ll balance out eventually



I feel like the Torbjorn and Bastion in particular have an edge in that situation, they’re characters that have a capacity to really chew through an uncoordinated team balanced by a weakness to good teamwork.


I don’t know if Eichenwald is a good comparison since they had to change the level geometry near the first choke a few patches ago :stuck_out_tongue:


they might do something similar with horizon tho! u never know, things come out in play that the devs never anticipated. i still think that defensive teams get the better of a new map. It can be hard to know how to work a choke point on attack if yr unfamiliar with a map, whereas its pretty easy to defend one if you’ve had 30 seconds to wander at the beginning.


Managed to win a round on ze moon within a minute 1:29 on offense. I REALLY like it now that I’ve gotten some time with it, as it leads to some fun strategies on both ends.


Dropping this here in this thread too:

This is for all of us Mercy mains out there.

In other news: been playing more comp recently and I think my anxiety is finally dropping about it? But I’m still not where I want to be rank-wise so I guess need to put more time in!


I can’t really relate to the article and I think it may have something to do with my Battletag simply being “Mark”, which is a fairly masculine name*. That may have shielded me from a good amount of vitriol aimed towards my lack of skill as Mercy. I do get some badmouthing here and there, but no more as Mercy compared to me playing Ana or Zenyatta. And those moments can be filed under general toxic behavior.

I can’t stop wondering how much shit I may have gotten for my bad plays if my name was feminine. Be the same, play the same but with a different name.

*And it’s also not not “Deathreaper”, “Bonelord”, “Skullkrusher”, or other names easily ridiculed.


Good article. It’s something I really notice, that the female support characters get so much more hate for being bad (Ana, Mercy) or for not “needing” skill (Mercy and also Symmetra). A good Mercy can make or break a game and people aren’t willing to acknowledge that simply because she is a woman, and a character often played by women or people who are perceived as women. It’s…super frustrating.

Anyway I don’t simply want to repeat what you’ve already said in this article. I agree, I recognize a lot of it and I wish it could change but knowing the toxicity and misogyny embedded in this game and the majority of players, it’s not likely to happen soon. It’s very discouraging. I wish I could rise in comp matches because I’m in high silver now while I know I could do so much better, but I’m discouraged by the current climate in this game (especially towards Mercy mains).


Very good read!

The point about Mercy being more of a MOBA-ish character rather than a fps-character was very interesting, and I would definitely like to see Blizzard make more heroes like that.

I think I would probably be a lot worse at OW if I had not started out as a Mercy main. Sure, my aim would probably have been better but Mercy really forced me to develop game sense much quicker than I would have otherwise. I think a lot of the dps-only kind of players could learn a lot by playing support (and especially Mercy).


I like my thread title better :c


Looks like Doomfist is finally on the way!




I’m not going to let myself get truly excited until I see how long they drag this out for though.


Going by past hero reveals (Sombra is an outlier), I wouldn’t expect it to be more than a week or two before we see Doomfist.


I’m surprised though, it’s thrown the sort of schedule off they had off of doing a new hero or map every 3 months, it’s not even quite been a month since horizon yet


Doomfist is probably going to come out the same time as the expected Summer Games redux around beginning of August if I had to make a wager.


Yeah, August seems like a solid bet. I’d kinda like it to be a little bit sooner (mostly cause I’m bored and salty about not getting beekeeper Mei) but I doubt it.

I still don’t even know Horizon that well, but I’m excited to learn a new hero.


For anyone who couldn’t bother playing Heroes of the Storm (like me), the D.VA officer and Oni Genji items are available in the game. I wasn’t fully aware that patch went through up until the moment I got the Oni Genji player profile icon from a lootbox. 1000 Credits per skin.

Before you run off and spend those precious credits, I believe the next patch will change how lootboxes work. Word is they’re giving fewer duplicates after the change. Hurray, no more 20 credits per lootbox!


Ol’ Blizz is teasing Doomfist again huh?

:: types Doomfist Me Daddy 500 times, waits for job offers from HORN Game media :::