Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


I’m glad they took those public, but I do wish they had waited a little bit longer since I am never going to convince my brother to help me grind out some HotS wins ever again and I think he might low-key hate me for doing it this year.


Official updates on Doomfist - a really cool animated trailer, along with a full update from Jeff (complete with sweet OW hockey jersey). He’s quite story significant as a Talon leader, too.

Primary Fire: Shotgun - mounted in his knuckles, can be used in quick succession or spread out over time.
Alt Fire: Rocket Punch - charges up, can go through barriers. Does more damage if you smack a hero into the environment.
Passive: The Best Defence - gains a shield as he deals punch damage. The shield can increase with multiple hits but will decay naturally over time.
Ability 1: Rising Uppercut - leaps up and knocks enemy up into the air along with him.
Ability 2: Seismic Slam - used in the air, slams down in a cone and pulls nearby enemies in towards him.
Ultimate: Meteor Strike - leaps into the air, can target an area and he lands dealing damage, knocking back, and stunning.


I kinda want to wait for “new hero hype” to die down before I decide where I like him or not, but his kit is so good. He very mobile and seems highly disruptive—at least to training bots. I could see insta-locking him for several months!

Edit: Eh, why even pretend. He’s my new favorite hero. That’s it.


Having just done a little messing in PTR, Doomfist seems like a ton of fun and like he’ll be a really interesting character. I think it’s great that he’s so thematically paired with Winston, which is who he’ll really complement in a dive comp, since I felt that both make up for the other’s weaknesses if you’re executing it right.

The temporary shields are also interesting, since they really strongly incentivise using his abilities over the shotgun fire, which definitely feels like the real ‘secondary’ fire.


Doomfist’s new skins are out in PTR. I’m liking them, specially the ‘painted’ one!


hi i thought u guys might be interested in this thing i wrote about overwatch & storytelling! i could chat about this for hours (and this piece could have been much much longer) so pls give me your thoughts!


I like that one of his skins is basically Jack from Tekken mixed with Frankie from One Piece.


My PC is acting up, due to either my video card dying or some Windows 10 tomfoolery, so I’ve yet to Fist. Sad reacts only :frowning:


Pretty sure I’m the world’s worst Doomfist.
I like how different his flow is (not that I have reached it) but I need to watch a video or something to have any clue how to use him effectively.


Having watched someone try to play him… I have no idea how anyone would play doomfist well. I am almost definitely not going to be incapable of the combos required and not just relying on shooting


I just realized that I haven’t played Overwatch in a really long time. I haven’t even tried out Doomfist yet.


Hopefully going to give Fisto a shot this weekend. V excited too, especially since the new graphics card helps make my sweet zippity zoop daughter and her friends look v good and nice.


I just hopped in to a couple of games to see about giving Doomfist a go. I’m more of a Zenyatta/Mercy main so the pace feels really hard to get right, but he seems like a really interesting character!

I’m still only level 14 though so take my opinions with a grain of salt I guess? Haha


Forget doomfist, check this highlights feature.

I use Forge for any random clips I want to upload, but it’s a very small, 30FPS at most, low res, and this new highlights exports at mega high quality and resolution, so it’s great for any of the really EPIC plays you do. It saves up to top 5 per day of highlights, it has a keypress for saving last 12 seconds, it allows you to store 32 highlights and then record them for local saving. Then you can upload to socials, youtube, etc, all while with the nice UI and video packaging of the highlights/POTG feature, which makes those highlights you buy in-game a lot more valuable.


He what fists doomily is definitely a character I’m not meant to be good at. That being said, both DAD76 and Reaps are excellent counters (as well as that Torb turret), so the 3-4 hours I put into OW this weekend was fun.


Who else is excited about the return of Lucio Ball? I love it! I got my first 50 levels playing it. It’s probably all I’ll play for the next month. Persona 5 and FFXII will have to be put on pause.


I’m excited to buy my sweet gay daughter the skin I missed out on at a discount.

That being said, I need to up my Lucio game, so I’m excited to mess around with Lucio Ball again.


The new animated video has solidified my love for Junkrat. What a scamp that one. I really hope we get the Junkertown queen as a playable character eventually.


Junkrat Junkertown short (pre-short?)

Map Preview


Excited to spend time with my trash son in his trash town.