Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to blow the safe on Highway 66. I think that is the map with the safe.


i want to know who the queen of junkertown is and can i marry her


I need the queen of junkertown to be a playable character. Also i;m gay


@ jeff kaplan: put the queen of junkertown in the game u coward


Hi Gay I’m Chris!

Double post, don’t care, here’s Mei


Felt like that short was pretty weak overall, especially how lazily it tries to manipulate the audience. What was the point in having all the other scientists die? It could have just been Mei on her own in the station and been just as effective, but I guess the Bastion one was sad so this one has to be too.

Also Blizzard writing: still terrible.


I love Mei and the short had some cute stuff but yeah, probably the worst one so far. Too bad.




So, like, is Snowball as sapient as like, Zenyatta?


The short also didn’t give us any new information? I feel like all of them thus far have given us a glimpse of like, what the characters are doing beyond their backstories, or somehow advanced either a character arc or Overwatch’s “story” somehow. I think I like it more than Hero, but only by a little. I would have much rather seen Mei out and about exploring and interacting with other characters.

Snowball is still cute tho


Why wont these tears stop!? :cry:


Snowball is probably more like a pet dog than an actual Omnic, I should think.

@Lilly there wasn’t a point in having the scientists die other than keeping already established canon. It’s legit hilarious when you consider how bad Blizzard is at keeping Overwatch canon straight.

Apropos of nothing, Hero is still the worst short imo. Bastion still reigning champ for visual storytelling.


I don’t think all Robots are Omnics, but I do think all Omics are Robots. I could be wrong. Bastion’s the Christian Devil, so I think that supports my theory.


Y’all can rag on that short all you like, I thought it was cute af. I love mei, my sweet chubby angel


Snowball is too pure for this world, even when it’s a part of ult that usually ends up with me frozen and shot in the god damn facebone.

But yeah, I though it was a fine short. None of them will every trump the Widowmaker one, as it has my very good gay daughter in it. but Mei is my partner’s fave, so it was nice watching it with her and seeing her fave being full of DETER-MEI-ATION.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new d.va/mercy updates that are coming?

As two of my top played characters, these both seem like serious buffs and I’m on board! It definitely felt like d.va had become too easy to take down and reliant on her defence matrix, so I’m glad they’re trying to fix that. And res as an ability?! Yess


Play of the game of Mercy just killing everyone? My goodness.


I’m bummed that I’ll have to relearn my Mercy skills but I hope - possibly against better judgment - that teammates will now be less likely to leave Mercy to fend for herself.

eta: mei is cool (hah) and good and I love her and that short.


Excited for both actually. Mama Mercy is my 3rd most used character/most used healer, and the changes sound fun. And I would like to Get Gud with @D.va’s Gremlin namesake, and like the idea of wee missiles.


The new Mercy stuff sounds cool! I worry that maybe she will get a little to complicated for her to be the perfect starter character but it should probably be fine.