Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


dva change makes no sense, mercy nerf is more of a symmetra buff that should have happened at the start, mercy is gonna get picked even less and Lucio is still the best hero in the game by a wide margin.


I always thought Lucio was the perfect starter character at least as far as support.


Played a bunch of PTR today and everyone I played with who expressed an opinion was pretty happy with both the D.Va and Mercy changes. Though I suppose the folks on PTR may just be neophiles compared to the rest of the community.


I uninstalled Ovw’s PTR after the Orisa patch b/c I realized I would never get a chance to test out new heroes if I didn’t have the fastest load-in time, so it was essentially pointless to have it.

I feel like the Mercy Ult will probably end up nerfed at some point. It feels like it gives her way too much, but I guess the limiter on that is that Mercy can either use her Ult with her gun or her staff. Not sure yet. The balance to her rez is honestly a legit improvement over her entire deal, because having her be able to entirely ruin another team’s progress just by having people die on the point/payload was honestly tedious. It also means that using her Rez on one person no longer feels like a waste.

I’m excited for the new D.va updates. It felt like a lot of people were starting to linger in the back and wait for an ult, or trying to use her as an anchor tank even though she’s not the right hero to hold a point. Hopefully with these changes, we’ll see more D.va’s willing to go out there and disrupt, rather than just hang back.

Apropos of nothing, I honestly feel like it would help Overwatch to take a few pointers from HotS in some cases. In Heroes of the Storm, D.Va can get an Ult that she can only use when she’s in Pilot mode that allows her to shoot a fast beam to lower her mech cooldown timer. It feels like that’d be a pretty useful thing to have. As it is now, you’ve got to either hope you live long enough via frantic hopping and shooting, or just die and go get your mech at spawn.

I feel the same way for Zarya and Lúcio as well. Their alternative Ultimates–Repulsion Zone and Reverse Amp–feel like they could make the game more interesting. This is probably one of the reasons why I only come back to Overwatch when there’s an event going on. That, and I know more people who’ll play HotS with me than will play Ovw. Honestly, I hope someday the game just has everyone pull a Symmetra and get to choose between two Ultimates. Then shit would get wild.

Course I only do Quick Play outside of qualifying matches, so maybe I’m just full of shit. Who knows?


I think the D.va and Mercy changes are fine/fun in the short-term but I think they speak to the overall move from “accessible shooter game for everyone, including non-shooter genre fans” to “skill is rewarded by grasping more complex abilities.” The kind of glee I saw from notable personalities in the community who commonly talk about best practices or competitive means that people who have no business using a powerful ability but still gain the benefits of it (rezzing a group, Defense Matrixing full ults AND chip damage) will have to work harder and skill up more to make full use of their heroes now.

Mercy’s ult in particular has so many things you CAN do in those 20 seconds that I feel it dilutes the design of ultimates in general: single use abilities that have a fairly defined purpose and use case.

The game is trending towards 100% active playstyles with no disempowering abilities, as they bother people who are predominantly oriented towards the FPS genre. The core psychology of shooters is that it is a seeming meritocracy where skill will always out those who deserve to be there and the power fantasy is being able to be better than others through pure mechanical skill alone, with death being the primary motivator for playing. Mercy and D. va had abilities that were innovative in that respect in that they were passive, worked around a supportive/protective model that wasn’t just shielding or healing. And they were the two that got reworked so that both characters are more oriented towards killing stuff once again.


I’ve given my thoughts around the tweaks in the thread that went up for the Waypoint piece, but I feel like the changes themselves will probably end up making the characters stronger, particularly for people who were good at timing Defense Matrix (in D. Va’s case). That said, I am generally in agreement with AppleCider around the glee from notable personalities.

As I outlined in the post in the other thread, I do feel like, while the game design argument Kaplan advances in the video is sound enough, it’s hard for me to not feel like Mercy is being overhauled because of elements of the Overwatch community who will always find things to grouse and pick at. I’ve never liked the ‘oh, top 500 Mercy takes no skill’ as an argument, and it feels like the changes are partially in response to that. Ultimately, I’m not sure that element of the community will ever be happy with the game.


I took a year away from Overwatch and I’ve just come back and somehow it’s like coming home. I love this game so much. Are there many folks here playing non-competitive modes? I’ve got no interest in competitive Overwatch right now, but I generally feel like I’m alone in that.


You most certainly are not. I pretty much stick to Total Mayhem nowadays cause it’s the most fun. And occasional QP. When I’m in the mood. Which is not often.


Cool, I need to try Total Mayhem! I mostly stick to QP myself


One thing I’m interested in with the Mercy changes has to do with competitive. EU tends towards passivity as a regional style and teams only really commit to pushes if they have a definite advantage. So a common way for them to get that advantage is to try to get a pick so they can push on a 6v5. I’m curious as to what the Mercy changes would mean for that style of play since Mercy can just ctrl+z any pick other than her.


I’m not sure I have ever gotten past placement matches. I am pretty much Quickplay or Mystery Heroes when there are arcade boxes to be had.


Mystery Heroes sounds fun too. I need to spend more time in the arcade apparently. Thanks!


The real question is what is YOUR ENDGAME DR. DINOSAUR?

I don’t mess with comp, as too many rage quitting really sucked the fun out of it. It’s been mostly QP, CTF, events and arcade stuff for me. Hyped for the death match stuff a coming.


For me I mostly stick to CTF, and 6v6 elimination, but both of those modes are out of arcade at the moment for Lucioball. I haven’t even finished my placements this season. I went to the store to buy a new mouse, and came home with a PS4 Pro, so I spent the past month on that.


My endgame isn’t trying to climb the ladder with the little time I’ve got, so QP works for me. I tried out mystery heroes tonight though and had a blast, so I’m going to spend some more time in the arcade. Mystery heroes alone just force me out of my comfortable picks is really good.


Yup! This is the number one reason I like the mode. It challenges me and allows me to practice different roles without my teammates going crazy because I didn’t fill a role no one else wanted to that was within the meta. I’ve learned the dark secret that I like Hanzo, but it’s mostly because a lot of my skills from 76 and Zen combine and make it easy for me to play him (though not particularly well).

So I guess this month’s thing is Deathmatch mode? Anyone here excited about that? It’s going to be interesting to see how a bunch of mechanics focused around teamwork play out there.


Junkertown is a pretty interesting map. Lots of flanking routes and little nooks and crannies for cool plays. End kinda sucks in terms of trying to get back to the payload on both defense AND offense.

And then there’s the Queen:


huh. I don’t know why but I kind of figured she’d be old and big instead of a pinup model at a mad max-themed shoot


at first I was bad at deathmatch and thought it was bad but then I started to get good and now I think it is good.


I also thought she’d be kind of like an old, punk, iron maiden-y sorta lady, but she’s got sick-ass hair and a huge axe and I am all about that. Axes are The Best.