Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


I am Bad at deathmatch. I preferred the 4v4 one but even still.


I thought deathmatch would be my vibe, but I find all it does is make me want to go and play some Quake instead.

I’ll probably have fun when someone makes the inevitable instagib custom mode using it.


I’m not really into Deathmatch. I think it’s pretty uncool that you can’t duo queue into the free-for-all and the fact that you can’t spectate friends means that Team Deathmatch is the only place to go with a friend, which is fine, but… I’ve definitely been spoiled by Splatoon 2. It definitely makes me enjoy/care about TDM a little less, since I tend to play with one friend and so we’re getting the worst of both worlds.


I play almost exclusively Mystery Heroes now, unless my friends are on (they’re not such big fans of MH so we tend to play more Quick Play or occasionally 3v3, though I’m less into the latter).

I like playing as all the heroes, and in Quick Play I tend to find myself fitting in with what the team needs most of the time (and I often feel like I have to pick who I’m best at from the suitable options, too). With MH I can really practise as everyone.

In addition to that, there’s an interesting level of added strategy because committing to a kill in MH can be so much more significant. Killing a hero in MH resets that player’s ult charge (even if they roll the same character upon respawn), so taking down Mercy before she gets her ult - at least in her current state - becomes an essential task. Similarly dying to take out a hero who is very strong in the current scenario can be super worth it. Removing their Bastion might be worth several heroes on your side dying, for example, because then they don’t have that character to defend with.


:: looks at image :::

something’s wrong

::: gets a drink, takes a sip, does a spit take :::

ah yes, much better.



Bastion is the most annoying thing. Its campers in shooters… in one champion… all of them.

I played overwatch for a while, because they have Zarya the lesbian character, I love her. But I still dont understand why Soldier had to be a white male… they could have made him a female at least… soldiers dont have to be white and male all the time.


Been really enjoying free for all because of how it forces me into duels. 1v1 does as well, but I feel like the stakes are higher in that mode and also FFA lets me practice health pack denial and translocator use as Sombra.

In comp, I’m having a little frustration because I have lots of theoritical knowledge about the game (ult usage, team comp, positioning, diving, pushing) but my mechanical skill is holding me down in high bronze. I want to invest time in getting better, but not sure how.

Also, I’ve been attempting to learn wall skimming with Lucio and that seems way harder than learning good aim tracking: https://youtu.be/tb7YdZM0aB0


Deathmatch isn’t a perfect fit for OW, but I do appreciate how it’s forcing me to play characters I generally don’t touch, ie McCree and Reaper. I hope they keep it a permanent fixture in arcade, as 8 friends doing FFA is fun as heck.


I’ve finally picked up the game again after like, more than a month of not playing at all, and team deathmatch is way more fun than I expected it to be. I think it’s hurt by not having dedicated maps for the mode, but it’s still fun, and it’s interesting to see how different characters work in the mode.


Does Deathmatch feel like kind of a mess to anyone else? It’s amusing but the way the spawns work and everyone just picking high DPS makes it all go by in this chaotic, soldier 76 filled blur


I think it is not fun at all. I just didn’t want to rain on the parade.


Spawns are definitely a mess which I guess is to be expected when the majority of the maps were not designed for Deathmatch in the first place. I haven’t personally found any big difference on the use of 76s but I will say as a Junkrat main that I get about 2 - 4 kills a game just from people running over my corpse which seems unfair.

Edit: Not that I’m complaining or anything.


I’m an open 3v3 hater in that game and this just feels like a spin off of that. I usually just pick someone like Roadhog or Mei who can sustain themselves long enough to get some picks without immediately getting headshotted by a Hanzo upon spawning. It sounded like a questionable idea when they announced it and now I’ve realized it isn’t a great fit for this type of game.


Oh its a broken mess. Which is why I kinda dig it, but YMMV.


So new Mercy is out and if you’re wondering, yes, there are multiple youtube music videos mourning the loss of old Mercy. The internet is good sometimes.


I’m not sure who voices the Junkertown Queen’s lines [which… it seems like that would be easier to find. I’m not even sure they list Voice Actors in the credits.] but I really like her performance.

As for the Mercy changes I was never a fantastic Mercy and this hasn’t changed that overnight, but I’m sure my rez per match ratio has already gone way up. On the other side of things I was playing some Widow earlier and the only thing more satisfying than getting somebody with a headshot is getting them a again couple seconds later when Mercy comes and rezzes them.


When I use my ultimate as Mercy, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.
I like Junkertown. The look is cool, I like the flies sound-effect, the map doesn’t seem overly complicated but feels much different.


Same. I’m digging the revive as an ability not an ult, but when I ult as Mercy now it’s just fly around until I get murdered.


Do either of use her gun much? After I rebound my buttons and made it easier (for me) to switch to the gun I found myself going for it a lot more, which I imagine I will use to take advantage of the faster firing during her ult


I’ve had a little bit of success with it but it feels like a slow D.Va gun. I’d probably use it more if it sounded like a hand-cannon (like McCree’s gun).