Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


I like the cut of your gib regarding my good good trash son and would like to sign up for your newsletter

@Clyde Does Zeny’s ult actually prevent the door from taking damage or nah? That would be super useful.

Also I’ve noticed there’s now 2 different Twin Peaks Avatars in this subforum, that’s a very good, Austin Walker friendly design choices.


At least Junkenstein is an easy way to earn loot boxes. You can just play it over and over on normal and be half asleep.

I haven’t played since the summer games event ended and I forgot how much people love griefing in this game, woof.

I do it for you, Zen. My smooth robot friend.

@TheAnarCHris We’re very good people.


Zenyatta’s ultimate does not heal the door.


Well of course. Zenyatta heals beings who can reach enlightenment, but the gate is doormant


The gate to enlightenment cannot pass through itself.


Did a run with Zen, Torb, S76 and McCree last night in Infinite Junk. That stun/turret combo is a good.

In skin news: Got Sym’s dragon skin with a rando arcade lootbox, and then bought Mercy’s with in game currency. At this point, any other skin is a bonus.


What are people buying with credits at the last minute?


I bought the Zenyatta and Mei skins, both of them were too good not to grab.

Blizzcon is tomorrow! I’ve been pretty excited all week, I’m hoping for some kind of significant addition to the game akin to how they revealed the Arcade last year.


I bought Skullyatta with credits. None of this year’s skins were really up my alley enough for me to spend my in game currency and risk potentially losing a Lúcio skin I know isn’t going to come.


I bought Rein’s which I think is pretty great for a purple and Mercy’s witch. I’m relatively satisfied with what I got cause Junkenstein’s Monster, Bastion’s tombstone skin, and McCree’s (who I never touch) Helsing were all drops.


As I stated a few posts above, if I didn’t get Zen’s Cthulhu I would cry, so imagine me doing that right…here.

Anyway, I’m just hoping we know about a new support by this weekend.


Meant to grab either Ana’s or Zenyatta’s, but I forgot to spend the coin on one of them last night before the event wrapped up. Got most of the other skins through drops, though, so at least I got something, I guess.


I bought Zarya’s skin and Zenyatta’s Cthulhu skin. I’m glad to finally have a decent skin for Zarya, and while I was happy with Zenyatta’s skeleton skin, I couldn’t pass up a skin that affects his dialogue. I played with it briefly and I really like it, even just in first person. But then, I do have a thing for purple.


I got almost everything I wanted from loot boxes (Dragon Symmetra, Reinhardt, 80s Zarya) and then I bought Zen’s Cthulhu skin only to find out I’m reeeeeally put off by the eyes of his orbs. Oops.


I took a break from OW after getting Mercy and Sym. While I could have grinded to get Junk and maybe something else, I rather save the gold for Xmas Watch, and get that elf skin for my good good zippity zoop daughter.

That and I’ve been playing Destiny 2. Whoops.


Good news everyone, there’s a new short and a new support! Look, it even rhymes!


Moira looks great, I hope she goes on the PTR soon™! Also as a Zen main I’m very into the hurt/heal design ethos. We’ll see!

Also new skins that will be part of the regular lootboxes! Guess I’m (sigh) fully back into Overwatch again.


And even better she has a David Bowie legendary skin.


All the Blizzcon news got me v excited to jump back in the 'Watch, which I did this weekend. Still eager for that Mercy nerf/Ana buff, as well as all the new skins, map and Moira.


That new short was really good. I haven’t been playing as much lately but I want to get back into it.


I’m just going to throw this out there, but as a Canadian it seems a bit nuts to me that the second place World cup country with a national team comprised entirely of members of League teams doesn’t get to have even one Overwatch League team of their own.