Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but I’ve been looking for a group to play some competitive in overwatch with - nothing too serious but just looking for a communicative, non-toxic group. Figured Waypoint would be a good way to go! I play on PS4, my tag is Asmonet on there as well. I am pretty flexible but my faves to play are Pharah, Zenyatta, and Orisa. I’m hovering around 2500 sr right now. Let me know or add me if you’re interested!


Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else think it’s weird that there have not been any new additions to the defense hero roster? I’m really happy to see more lore come out about Talon with the additions of Sombra, Doomfist and now Moria, but there haven’t been any significant changes to how we play defensively since the game released. Does anyone else think this, or is there some aspect of the current defense heroes that I’ve missed?


It is odd, but I also guess characters like Sym feel more like a defense character then healing? Who knows what else 2018 will bring.


I don’t know. If the job of defense heroes is area denial, I actually think Orisa does a decent job of that. I think the thing with defense heroes is- more than any of the others- they feel really situational and I wonder if their limited usability makes them less of a priority for new hero design. Personally, I’d still like to see more Tanks and Supports before I see another Defense hero, though I’d definitely rather see another Defense hero before another Offense one.


Over on the Overwatch subreddit I guess people are getting banned from the game now for “one-tricking” - in this case it was a fairly well known GM level Torb player with a good win-rate who was getting report spammed for playing Torb in comp because it’s “uncooperative.” Of course, this is never going to impact the folks who only play DPS and on-meta characters.

The barrier for entry to this game just keeps getting higher and higher as the community (especially competitive) gets more and more toxic. Moira seems cool, but between this and having to readjust to constant Mercy nerfs I’ve still no interest in hopping back into this game anytime soon.


woof. yeah that sounds terrible. the thing that appealed to me about Overwatch was how non-shooter it was with its weird, fun characters, but this push for a balanced competitive game seems to be whittling down those weird edges.


There’s some nuance to this “one-tricking” controversy. Like, one of that Torb main’s teammates in a Reddit post shared a video that showed that the Torb main started to throw the match when someone else picked Torbjorn before he could, AFKing and refusing to pick any character. That’s the behavior of the player getting reported for being uncooperative. Granted though, his teammates weren’t being cooperative either by picking Torbjorn specifically to deny him from playing his one-trick. On the forums Blizzard has a statement about finding the balance between letting players play who they want versus playing as a team and working around each other’s skills and experience, and also that they’re investigating this. I think Blizzard needs to take a close look at its reporting system, but I also think this is a relatively unique situation and not a sign of a sudden rule change or an incoming ban wave.


While I agree that there’s some nuance (they’re not so much banned for “one tricking” as they are getting reported for trolling the game or whatever and Blizzard is allowing those bans to stand) the guy in that video isn’t the one I was referring to. There have been a few bans that recently happened, and the GM level Torb streamer (Fuey) is well known and well liked for actually being a fairly non-toxic Overwatch player. He was even playing as Reinhardt when he got banned.

If picking a “non-optimal” character becomes a bannable offense that Blizzard lets stand, they’re handing over a lot of power to a very small, very vocal, and very toxic section of their playerbase that loves to abuse the report function, all while the actual problems plaguing competitive - like this same toxic playerbase - goes unmoderated.

EDIT: I will add that Blizzard did respond that they’re looking into it…

Posted by Josh Engen
I just wanted to chime in and make sure that everyone knows that we’re currently digging into the reports, investigating this ban, and thinking about how this type of situation effects specialized players and their teammates.
We take both sides of the issue very seriously. We believe that players should be able to choose their favorite heroes, but playing as a team (which includes building an effective team composition) is a core part of the Overwatch experience. It’s a delicate balance, and we’re still working on getting it right (and probably always will be).
If you’ve been playing Blizzard games for a while, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase “Play nice; play fair.” It’s like a mantra around the Blizzard campus, and it’s a big part of the way that we approach situations like this. People tend to focus on the “playing fair” part, but they forget about “playing nice.” Sometimes that means switching off at your teammates’ request, and sometimes that means working around your teammate’s specialization.
Either way, Overwatch is more fun when everyone is playing nice.
Thank you for your patience as we investigate this situation, and thank you for your passion/enthusiasm about Overwatch.

Again though, this is the kind of stuff that is going to impact certain players a hell of a lot more than it’s going to impact people who instapick a DPS and report everyone else who doesn’t play what they tell them to.


I would 100% be behind an offense hero cooldown in competitive where you have to play tank or support for every 5 times you instalock genji.


Yeah my mistake there, I see I was conflating two different Torbjorn players. Blizzard has another post up now and it seems their position is, ironically enough… “working as intended”.

One-tricking or playing off-meta isn’t bannable, but Fuey was being disruptive… Somehow? It’s not really clear what line he crossed.


How’s everyone liking Moira? Because I am not. :sweat: I’m having a really hard time playing with her on my team and against comps that contain her (read: everyone game right now). The strongest comp I face is something like Moira, Mercy, Pharah, Roadhog, Genji, Orisa/Rein/Widow.

The problem being the flexibility Moira provides means changing up your tactics/Hero will often just as likely lead to a loss. It’s not like things have changed drastically, it’s just the now you have to play better because Moira is amazing at punishing anyone that plays too aggressive or too passive. Obviously, she hasn’t been out for very long and I’ll probably learn to play around her, so I guess we’ll see. I am curious what you all think or any tips (please) you might have.


I like what I’ve played of her so far but you are right, she is tough to play against - I can’t work out who would be the counter pick as most lower health offensive heroes get roasted by her pretty quickly. Maybe it’s just a case of focus-fire and teaming up on her?

The length of her offensive beam needs to be reduced in my opinion but aside from that I don’t think she’s too crazy powerful. Her ultimate will be great for chokepoints or points with everyone in a corner behind a shield!


I like Moira a lot. I find playing her very fun because I am the type of person who can buy a bouncy-ball for 25cents and throw it hard in an enclosed space for an hour of fun. At first, I didn’t like her character-design, but once I started hearing her voice-lines I am fine with her character-design. I suspect that Moira is based on someone’s science professor.
I hope they continue to play up the rivalry between Symmetra and Moira. I like thinking that Moira’s bouncy-balls are something that Symmetra is slightly envious of, but that Symmetra is too elegant to be experimental.

As far as countering Moira, I’m not the type of player to read how many points of damage a character can take to the head, but what I’ve noticed is that her ultimate doesn’t really hurt that much and remember that when she is draining you, she ain’t healing nobody. The biggest problem I’ve had with her is the damaging bouncy-balls. If I’m in a tiny room and she shoots one in at the right angle I’m totally screwed. They can also be super distracting when I’m playing Orissa. I feel like someone is shooting me from behind (which is my #1 fear as Orissa).


Have any of y’all looked into the Yoruba orisha’s? I’m spending some of my morning trying to find the inspiration behind Doomfist’s legendary skins. The best I can come up with is that Doomfist as a character takes inspiration from Shango.
I can find some very brief summaries of Yoruba mythology’s family of gods, but besides the only African stuff I’m finding is dances. There are some African-Americans who are looking to the orishas for spiritual power and guidance, but I’m more curious about how the orishas (especially Shango) are seen in Nigeria.
Also, as far as the white paint on the skin, the only thing I’ve been able to find is mentions of Laolu Senbanjo because of his work on Beyonce’s video. Here is him talking about art:


Moira feels incredibly authentic to me in her Irishness, and that has made me quite happy. I even had to make a crappy meme about it.


Was out at PAX Unplugged all weekend. Excited to give her a shot tonight!


She has a real difficult time with sustained healing. If some boneheaded Genji or Winston isn’t trying to rush your team down, then you’ll have a tough go of keeping up on healing juice. Her orb is a great source of burst-healing, but it’s on an 8 second cooldown which isn’t reliable.

In the competitive side of things, she’ll likely exist as a means to hard punish aggressive compositions.


She has a real difficult time with sustained healing.

I play mostly non-competitive in console and this is the only thing that makes her kind of fair for me. She’s a bit too much otherwise. More than decent DPS with autolock (more noticeable in consoles, to be fair) and a nice range, really dangerous alt-fire, pretty good healing with the orbs, a super useful ultimate… it’s OK by me that she’s not that great at healing-per-second.

It may be different in the competitive scene considering her squishiness and lack of mobility, but I’ve been using her in casual and she seems a little unfair compared with, say, Zen.


I’ve found her to be a pretty good secondary support for a team, especially when you are playing with an aggressive team. I found her to be really useful for healing the team while there is a big melee either at a point or the escort & then picking off the injured enemies at the end of it.


That was my role as Zen usually, but other than in big maps where you might need long-distance shooting or healing he’s become kind of obsolete.