Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


IMO she’ll continue to be really good as long as aggressive dive heroes are still all the rage. Against a safer comp she’d probably struggle since she doesn’t have much in the way of spam. Like against a Reinhardt it helps a lot to have a Lucio or Zen throwing free damage at his shield, which Moira doesn’t really have.


I think aggressive dive heroes will be a thing forever in casual play. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy her playstyle.


bad genjis will never (and always) die


There’s no such thing as a bad Genji, there are only Genjis that don’t get healed.


I think Moira is pretty reliable on koth maps. I wouldn’t trust her on payload or a/d, but on something where there’s fighting happening constantly, she’s really good. Also really fun in ffa dm, even if I’m never in top 4 as her.


Winter update should be out later today. Here’s a gallery of the new skins.

I picked this back up again recently, was surprised they actually fixed the loot tables like they said they would. Haven’t gotten a single duplicate in the last 20 or so boxes I’ve opened.


A good Bastion & Junkrat skin. This must be a dream.


I have to hope and pray that 2018 will be the Year of Lúcio. He’s gotten one skin this year, and no lore content whatsoever. I’m clinging to the hope that Ovw will give my boi something more next year, otherwise I may as well stick to playing HotS, even if his Talent trees are boring as all hell in that game.


Here for those new Sombra, Ana and Handsoap skins. Excited for Mei V Yeti, and some holiday joy. Also will be picking up elf Tracer is the previous skins are back this year.


sombra would never get that haircut, not even for a costume


Roadhog and Ana are the winners when it comes to skins this event, each getting their best skins yet (surprising, considering how strong Bajie and Ghoul are respectively). I do really like Junkrat’s and Bastion’s but there are still better ones out there for them.

Hanzo’s is ruined by the golden dragon coming out of his butt on his pants.

Other than Skins, this is the most adorable thing they’ve ever put in the game.

It ruins the entire skin for me. Such a great concept ruined by a truly awful haircut.


I actually hate the Hanzo skin a lot and legit do not understand how Blizzard could be handed the fucking concept art on a plate via a comic they published, and still somehow manage to completely fuck it up.


Why is his beard white?

Why is his beard white?


Hanzo’s skin is kind of a disappointment. That hair/beard is just such a weird choice, don’t know why they would change from the illustration.

This edit looks so much better.


Hadn’t taken the plunge on a 50 box pack since the anniversary event. Unfortunately, I only got about 2/7(?) of the new skins, but out of every box, I did not receive a single duplicate item (got several of last year’s holiday legendaries).

Still far from ideal, but at the very least, you won’t have to wait until the very last day to buy the unlocks you want for fear of getting a dupe legendary. That was one of the worst parts of the old system.



:: does a google :::



This, this, a thousand times this. Lúcio is my favorite OW hero, and I’d like to know more about him. A cinematic would be cool too!

As an aside, there must be an easier way to type his name with the accent (had to type it in Word then copy/paste).


Hold down Alt, type 0250 on the number pad, release. There’s other ways to do it on an international keyboard or whatever, but I just do that.


Blizzard will be updating the Hanzo skin in January, to better resemble the original comic illustration. Here’s a comparison by @Loudwindow, his pants have been pulled up too thankfully.

I’m glad they’re doing this but I am surprised. Surely they know people who like the grey version are going to be disappointed that it’s going away.


I’m surprised because this is getting shot down a pipeline rather fast. Someone or someone’s are having to work on this during the typical break that gaming companies have at EOY. That being said, I have a feeling that skin was outsourced and I wonder if that’s what happened here.