Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


For real though, some of the launch skins were just terrible and I’m surprised that this is getting so much priority from them.


I feel like this also pushes further how little attention they put towards Symmetra as a character. While they have confirmed that she is in fact autistic, the game does little (as it does with all story elements) to explore that in her character at all. She’s just the Indian woman, so they can include devi and vishkar skins. It bugs me.


As a half black Canadian Pharah main I have some real mixed feelings about Pharah’s insanely Canadian red and white Thunderbird skin. I liked the design of it a ton but letting an Egyptian woman play Canadian First Nations dress-up felt icky so I didn’t use it. And then they retconned her as half native Canadian and while it rationalized it, it also just showed that there’s not really much care put into the representation in this game? But also it’s a dope skin? I ended up showing Canadian pride by just using Lúcio’s blue and white hockey skin that looks like a Leafs jersey.


It’s oddly inconsistent. I don’t think Blizzard are intending these things, of course, but I do wish it was more on their radar.

Underrated Lucio skin for sure tho.


Blizzard is fucking terrible at even pretending to give a shit about the other cultures they’re claiming to rep. I have such a huge problem with how they’ve worked Lúcio into the English language game. In Portuguese, he’s like a completely different character, but in English there’s very little hint of his heritage at all. They’re very, very inconsistent with who they give a shit about in this game, and I think a lot of that actually has to do with the size of the market the characters are made to appeal to.

Blizzard has a pretty large investment in the East Asia markets with regards to profit from lootboxes, but also in regards to competitive players. They also employ a fair amount of East Asian men on their staff; egro, Hanzo’s skin gets a fix, but Mei’s waist still looks wonky on her Luna and Chang’e skins because they really wanted to keep her looking skinny. (Full disclosure, I thought it was still broken until I saw a gif comparison.) Their stock–be it emotional or financial–in markets like India, Brazil, and the First Nations, is probably not as big in comparison. In these cases, I imagine they’re more concerned about their white fanbase going “Wow, I can’t believe you caved to these fucking SJWs and removed the skin” than making sure they don’t shove their own heads up their asses in regards to not offending the cultures they claim they’re trying to represent in their game.


I’ve never seen it so clearly stated, but I agree with you completely. At the end of the day, they are a company pushing a competitive multiplayer game and are trying to appeal to only countries and demographics that “matter,” like South Korea and Japan.


Why the thread name change? Does Bastion no longer… you know?


He totes does, but I guess Torb is canonically the king of getting NASTY.


So… I feel like I missed a beat somewhere along the line.

Does anybody know what Jeff Kaplan is doing right now?
Or rather, why Jeff Kaplan is doing what Jeff Kaplan is doing right now?


No, we do not.

All we know is that Jeff needs to tell us who hurt him.



Maybe Jeff turned Vegan and wants to document the difficult transition and share it with cyberspace. He’s placed the large pitcher of milk on the table to tempt himself and he needs the support of the internet to steel his resolve.


New patch is up (patch notes here), primarily adds in Overwatch League skins. You can get one for free and they’re a ridiculous $4.99 each. The updated version of Hanzo’s skin from the last event is in, as are “cheers” victory poses for Bastion and Sombra (which should be a free unlock for anyone who played during WW).

More importantly, Zenyatta now has a new UI feature showing the health of whoever he’s got a healing or discord orb on. Very useful.

Additionally, the console versions now have a “friendly aim assist” option for Ana, which has been extremely useful in my testing with it. It’s set at 0 by default so go turn it on and find a setting that works for you. Finally, they’ve added in the option to set each communication line to a specific button on console. The lines like “group up” or “need healing”. This might not seem like much but it means console players now have access to the “hidden” communications, such as “attack the objective” or “come to me for healing”. This is huge and I hope people start using it. Here’s an example of me using them in a bot match.

For more info on how these lines work, check the hidden interactions section of this page. All of these were previously impossible to use on console.


Blizzard (and the OW community) has pretty much done every effort they can to make OW as unappealing to me as they can. Why stop now?


Kind of excited to maybe watch some of the competitive Overwatch stuff coming up, but man does it suck to not have a team in the Southeast (Miami doesn’t count). They could have easily gotten an Atlanta or Nashville team. Just kind of feels like a missed opportunity.


we’re more aware of this than anyone else, trust me.


Florida is its own world rather than a coherent part of the SE. The panhandle is about the only area that kind of matches up?


oh yeah, big time. The more north you go in Florida, the more South it gets.


Used my freebie on the Excelsior skin for S76. Will probably pick ones up for Tracer and Junk down the line, because I think it’s kinda neat and am really glad that the teams also get a cut of skin sales, not unlike player jerseys.


Try having no teams in your entire country, even though you made it to the finals of World Cup at Blizzcon (Canada).

I mean it would 100% be Toronto, but still.


There is something about OWL that reminds me of the XFL and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s all the corporate ownership. I’d rather watch a grass roots league. It’s why I used to watch Rugby Canada Super League when that was a thing and have watched the CFL for over 20 years.