Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


In a world without blind boxes, where you could just pay for the cosmetics you want, I imagine that would be about the standard price we’d be asked for all of this stuff.

Titanfall 2 charges around $5 each for their gun skins and Titan warpaints.


Oh, looking forward to checking out that Ana change. Sounds really neat, because I like her but stink at her. Really nice Zenyatta update too, now I’ll like him even more.


Yeah, that’d be my fear right there. No way would I be willing to pay $130 + tax + exchange rate + whatever for “limited edition” holiday skins I want for all the characters. And that’s just skins.

I’m at a point where I have all my 1st and/or 2nd favourite skins for every character except a handful and I’m maybe $40 in at this point. Maybe.


Disappointed but not surprised. Regardless this is some GRADE A BULLSHIT!


I hope the league stuff fades into the background over time. I’m not a fan of all the stuff that comes with professionalized sports “e” or otherwise. Still enjoying my filthy casual quick play and mystery heroes time, but the sooner league junk is off the news page, splash screen, and team chat the better as far as I’m concerned.

And not signing woman players because of team housing or whatever. Eff that noise.


I started playing again after taking a break for like, 9 months. Any tips on how to play Moira? I have only played her briefly but she seems tricky.


When picking Moira you kind of need to decide what your role is going to be based on the rest of your team.

Since she has that close range healing you can only really do a ton of healing when your group is together in a “deathball” positioned behind something like a Reinhardt or Orisa, or in close quarters like a hallway so you can bounce healing orbs around. In these situations she’s an amazing healer.

I would say don’t pick Moira to be a main heal if you are working with a lot of flankers on your team, if the enemy team has a D:Va (cause defense matrix is pretty crippling) or if you have a Pharah on your team and no one else to heal her.

If you’re going off-heal Moira she can do amazing damage from the backline. You can run up to a group of people, drop a purple orb on them and use her phase thing to dash back to safety really easily. Also, she is lethal indoors. If you send a purple orb bouncing around a corridor while right clicking, you can rip apart most non tanks. You can also use ricochets to send damage orbs down a choke while not even in the enemy’s line of sight.

Moira is one of my favourite characters to play because you can play a match as a Moira who heals a ton if needed, or play as like a third dps in a pinch if you have a good Mercy or Ana on your team.


Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that her heal spray doesn’t need to be constant; getting touched with it applies a short HoT that persists for a moment. So you want to be spritzing your team to conserve that energy meter, not necessarily hosing them down.


Those are both good replies. Thanks a lot!


Don’t worry everyone, I found him!

Our dearest friend is safe.


Oh no, now I want to know if they can also do the sentry config…


Yay! But does he still fuck in 2018?!


New Lucio skin… thank you Blizz…

Blizzard World and new cosmetics coming this tuesday. Seems like D. Va and Hanzo skins will be shown in the next few days.


A lot of these new skins are GOOD AND GREAT, guess I’m never playing anything aside from OW.


How do people think the community has gotten in the past couple of months? Maybe I am having a good streak but lately I’ve found there has been a little less toxicity. It’s still there, for sure, but I think the report system may be scaring the most vocal and hostile people into being a bit more civil. Again, it’s not ideal, but it’s a bit better than it was like 6 months ago imo.

IDK how I feel about a lot of the new skins. I get that they are going for inclusivity but it seems like they’re just taking a random part of a culture and making a super loud skin based off of it. I don’t know what about Hanzo as a character made them think he needed a kabuki skin apart from him being Japanese. I don’t really see Hanzo as a very theatrical dude. Also, Pharah seems to be from a futuristic version of ancient Egypt instead of a futuristic version of Egypt which weirds me out.


I play on PS4 (high plat-low diamond) and generally the people who use mics are ok but you do get shitty people every now and then. I had a match where our second healer swapped off to a fourth DPS a minute into the match so I was stuck trying to push the payload with Rein while they were all over the map not getting any eliminations. Sure enough, the one guy on mic complained about my “bad healing”. Then I got to play a second match with him and a stack of four. Before the match even began, he tells them all I’m a “terrible Mercy”, “the reason he lost his last match”, and to not “let me” play Mercy. I end up as D.Va and we lose round one. On round two, one of the four-stack sees I mostly play as healers and swaps places with me. As Lucio, we won round two. But the “best” part was when we began to lose round three and everyone in the stack started to complain and blame their “friend” who was Mercy. :confused:

Then I played against the rude dude and won pretty easily so I felt pretty ok in the end.

On the other hand, I played a match recently where the two people on mic were super positive and funny and it made for a great match, even though we lost pretty badly. It’s a total toss up, but I imagine it’s a lot worse on PC where text chat allows for people to be shitty more anonymously and at higher ranks where the stakes are higher.


I play on PC and generally stick with arcade/QP and it’s generally okay. Some shit talking here and there, but nothing that really crosses the line for the most part.

Comp still seems like hellscape though, especially with people instalocking characters used heavily in OWL. One of the dudes on my stream team has been trying to do solo comp and RIP.


Playing on PS4, I literally never use voice chat. It keeps me happy and not hating the game. I play arcade and QP except for my placement matches.


I only play quick-play or arcade in a group of 3-6 (on PC). As such, we chat in our own channel and don’t engage a whole lot with other players outside of pre & post game text chat.

People are generally ok, and occasionally join in with our dumb jokes. If someone gets annoying, overly competitive, or starts blaming things on other people, they normally get laughed at/called cute/asked if they’re ok until they go away. PC also has the added bonus that text chat can be made to go away completely by pressing ctrl+shift+c.


I mostly play Competitive and the first buttons I press are shift+ctrl+‘c’. If I could see chat I would stop playing. I have no interest in hearing what comp the most vocal of these randos wants.