Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


The new cosmetics are out today, so it’s time for me to get back on my bullshit for new skins. Augmental#11831 y’all. Catch me after work buying the new Lúcio skin immediately and playing nothing but support all night.


I too am back on my bullshit. TheAnarchris#1464, I got Nova Maker and Kitty D.Va!


HMU @ LilHanzoMane#1967 bbs


Breakdown for those who don’t have 10 minutes to listen to papa Jeff:

  • Re: Toxicity - Since increased feedback was put in for reporting, in competitive play, abusive chat is down 17% & Player reporting is up 20%.
  • Say numbers are improvement, but obviously need to be higher. Looking for new ways to increase both.
  • One such way is that they are doing more preventative measures: Proactively looking for “very toxic behaviour” on social media and taking action against those people’s accounts, even if they haven’t been reported in-game.
  • Mercy: They know people don’t want the nerfs buuuuuut they gonna nerf her anyway because because.
  • Committed to keeping resurrect and not removing it though.
  • “Mercy is by far the most played hero in the game”.
  • “If we bring her down too much, we will bring her back”
  • Junkrat: Yeah nerfs to mine (adding damage fall-off) are going through. Will make deathmatch much more playable.
  • Hanzo: Scatter arrow being worked on. Prototyping replacements or changing functionality. Finally.
  • Mei: She needs an adjustment, but considering how oppressive she can be, they don’t want to make her too good. Taking a very cautious approach, so no big buff or rework coming.
  • Don’t balance characters to be able to be played in all situations. “Maining” is not encouraged by the game’s design or is an end goal for any of the characters.
  • Symmetra: She is designed to be situational, but she is too situational right now. Working on it.




So she’s like a tankey healer? I’m definitely down for that.


Alright alright alright. FOR REAL this time I’m getting back into Overwatch.


Yes! Support tank, praise the Jeff.


The amount of ladies is increasing and that awesome. Now about those ethical costumes.


She looks so much fun to play! Can’t wait to smack everyone with the mace


She looks really fun. As a support main, feeling blessed getting two cool healers in a row.


I logged in to the test realm to confirm the answer my most important question.


I am too gay for Brigette and I will expound on her design later, but right now I’m deep in my hot girl in armor feelings.


Brigitte is such an strange, non-swedish name. Birgitta or something would make more sense. I wonder where they got it from.


It’s almost as if Blizzard doesn’t care about the real world places and people they base their characters on.


Hi, I’m Jeff Kaplan, and we’ve heard your concerns. Brigitte is named as such because she’s named after her grandmother, who was French. Now, let me talk for another five minutes in a monotone voice into the camera to emphasise just how much we care about diversity as a marketing tool.


I like Brigitte mechanically, but the character design and voice/writing just kind of leave me cold. Her thing is that she’s… vaguely nice? I dunno, OW does have a lot of one-note characters, but this is the first one that feels zero-note to me. A bit of a come-down after the robot laser cannon centaur with a genial african woman’s customer service voice, and the theatrical middle-aged androgynous genius bio-witch.

Personally, I would have gone more of a Utena direction with Brigitte’s knight aesthetic. Roses everywhere. Fancy epaulettes. Every pose laden with delicate intensity. Pulls the flail out of her chest, or the chest of a nearby lesbian. Turns into a car.


I think Emily would take offense to Brigitte pulling anything out of Tracer.


I honestly gave up on Overwatch lore a while back. The more I looked into it, the more I realized I like the heroes the way the game itself makes them look: goofy cartoon characters who spout silly one-liners and shoot each other in the face for no discernible reason.


In other news, first game of the season going well