Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Good see to see competitive hasn’t changed.


In universe, the story is that Reinhardt named her.
Of course, out of universe, maybe someone just thought it was a cool name


Brigitte is a German name, and so it tracks since Reinhardt named her.

My issue is with the fact that, at 28, she’s apparently Torb’s youngest daughter? Which means she was born like, 2 years after the Omnic Crisis, which took place 30 years before the latest comic, chronologically? Which means he has other kids that were born before that?

When someone pointed out that this seems fucking weird, and that maybe Brigitte should either be his oldest, or a younger age, they were like “oh no she’s his youngest and all those other kids in the Christmas comic are his grandchildren” and it’s like…

You didn’t have to jump through hoops… You could have just said you made a mistake, and she was like 20-23 and his youngest. It’s not like she looks like she’s about to hit her 30s.

Personally, I think it’s because the dudes writing this don’t want to think about Torbjörn torbjorbin’ his wife, but it could just be that they’re incompetent at storytelling, never communicate with each other, and are unwilling to ever admit they made a mistake on something after receiving almost constant criticism on their lore writing.


Her age got changed to 23, iirc.

A lot of the lore has had to be revised here and there because of what I suspect is the leftover story from when the original team was developing the game out of the ashes of Titan to now.

As far as mechanically, Brigette is by far the most interesting support I’ve ever played. She’s like a little tank. She’s got the passive healing like Lucio in some ways, with a targeted heal/armor, a shield bash, a flail boop and a melee? It’s weird but it’s really fun to play so far and I think she’s what the game needed if I am being honest.


Comp has gotten so much better now that I roll with a regular group. Solo queue is just hell.


Yeah but that would require like, 5 whole friends


I have pals I do Arcade/QP with, which is fun and wholesome.
I also have like 2 friends who play comp, and they become super insufferable, which NO THANK YOU, I would like to continue to enjoy OW.


Yeah, that’s been the more common problem for me. I’ve played with 2 groups of not-so-close friends and friends of theirs and it started to get about as toxic as normal team chat.


Hey, I know what you’ve all been thinking: you’re worried. Worried that Activision Blizzard, a very weak, impoverished company that has given us Overwatch and asked for nothing in return, may not have enough money yet. Well, worry not! By watching Overwatch League games and donating bits on Twitch, and pestering your friends to do so as well, you can give ActiBlizz even more of your money - for (generic looking) skins and (Twitch) emotes! Oh joy of joys! Truly, these are people who care deeply about player choice.

You know, I love Overwatch, I really do. I’ve been playing since the open beta, and it’s the only multiplayer game that’s ever spoken to me, which is probably why I haven’t moved on yet, even as everyone else I know who played it at some point did. And I love the Overwatch League. I really enjoy the games, and I think we’re at a place where there’s a decent distribution of talent, with most times at least competent and none completely undefeated. But sometimes I have to wonder if by playing the game, by watching OWL, by talking about all these things, I have some responsibility for perpetuating this kind of bullshit. I honestly don’t know anymore.


On an individual level, there is no chance of affecting large change just through an alteration of consumption habits, because most of that money comes from audiences who don’t interrogate their own buying decisions to nearly the same level. It comes down to your level of comfort in participating in that system, versus how much enjoyment it gives you.

I was huge into the Dota 2 competitive scene for a while, going to The International, even schmoozing with some of the top level players and casters. And that included buying hundreds of dollars of overpriced merchandise, both physical and digital. (For as crassly manipulative as Overwatch’s loot boxes are, they’re fully walled off from the kinds of seedy skin economies that Dota and CSGO engage in)

Eventually I got tired of the continued cynicism of Dota personalities and players, as well as Valve’s fundamental inability to corral the worst impulses of the playerbase. I weighed the value of my enjoyment of the game, against how exhausting it was to tolerate any of that, and the latter won out. I’ll usually tune in to the TI streams each year, but that’s the hard limit on my level of Dota consumption.

We’ll probably see the hammer come down from up on high with regards to the Loot Box Problem due to other publishers pushing their luck on how far they’re willing to go with it, but other tacky stuff like them skimming off the top of competitive with Twitch bits and massively overpriced color variant skins, isn’t likely to go away anytime soon and Blizzard will probably find innovative new ways to get people dumping more money into the game as a platform.

Does your satisfaction from investing time/money into the game outweigh your personal discomfort with the developer’s continual overreach of exploitative business decisions?


I’m actually in the process of questioning all that. If I’m being honest, lately it’s been hard to discern my genuine love for the game from the compulsions it has instilled in me through its mechanics and audiovisual feedback.


I really recommend following Geguri on twitter. It’s by far the most wholesome and healthy OWL player account out there.


I’ve been a fan of Geguri since the cheating “scandal” that was several Korean esports stars berating and reporting her (when she was 16) for thinking she was cheating because her right clicking on Zarya was godly and horrifying accurate and she had to livestream to prove it was false.

The girl has class and restraint in spades and I don’t know how she deals with all of this. She’s made OWL suddenly have a true underdog people that droves of people are religiously supporting and watching improve. The day that the Shanghai Dragons secure their first win, there’s going to be weeping in the streets.


I like the new map so much. It feels like everyone but Doomfist is super good to use.


Yeah, it’s got that military shooter vibe that works surprisingly well in this game.


After 150 hours or so I still feel bad at this game. My aim is so-so, but more importantly I never think! I run in alone, I engage enemies I am not equipped to handle, I never consider retreating, I stick to playing wrong characters when I should switch to counter the enemy team composition, I don’t flank enough, etc.
Tactics are very important in this game, and I can’t seem to use them in the heat of the moment.


Hey everyone, if you’re looking for a buddy on the PS4, hmu @ trty0


I don’t play PTR, but I’m really going to miss Symmetra. Everything I’ve heard and seen suggests that she’ll still be fun to play, but she’ll be a completely different character.


sorry to comment so late, but the fact that you recognize your faults is the best sign of growth. I can’t think of a single skill I’ve worked on where I didn’t pass through a period of “oh my god I’m an idiot, look at all the dumb mistakes!”


Yeah, it took me about that long to start to actually internalize/play in response to the pace of battle. Once you start to, things become a lot easier.

The easiest thing to help with that is to use the downtime when you’re just getting back to the objective to think about how the fight is going. Look at the waypoints showing your teammates to see who’s in the fight, how many of the other team is alive, etc. If it’s two of your guys vs 5 of them, you probably should wait and try to group people up. That downtime is the easiest time to think about what’s going on.

Also, just try to think of a match as a series of fights instead of one big battle, and make your decisions based on that. It’s better to get two enemies with an ult while your team is all alive than it is to get four at the end of a fight when your team’s all dead. I know it’s tempting to get POTG but it doesn’t really help.