Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


wasn’t that just some rumour someone made up on the battle.net forums like a year ago?


Does anyone have any Doomfist tips? I’m trying to main him right now and it’s going really poorly.


I’m not amazing with him but…
Don’t bother with a charge if you can’t hit them against something.
Focus on healers and Reinhardt.
Use combos, you got three moves and you can use them together in various orders.
The floor-bash thing does more damage the higher you are. I use my upper-cut to get to a balcony when things are slow, wait for them to pass, uppercut from balcony > floor bash > charge punch. Then I typically panic til I can get my uppercut back and use it and floor-bash to get a lot of distance back outta there.
Sombra, Pharah, Bastion, Orisa, Junkrat, Torbjorn, are my biggest problems.


When I use meteor strike, should I focus on the backline, where the healers usually are?


Yep! always kill healers with your ult if you can.

Another REALLY important doomfist tip: always initiate with your shift + E followed by your left click instead of your punch.


New symm changes are live!! What does everyone think?? I love her new primary fire and teleporter but I haven’t gotten much use out of the turrets yet.

Also her new ult is useless but she has so much other stuff in her kit (probably the widest kit in the game?) that it doesn’t even matter.


I do, then I can finish a few of them off and/or get the heck out of there.


I wouldn’t say it’s useless, it’s good at forcing opponents down the field, splitting the group which obviously opens them up for flanking. And anything is better than that OP as fuck shield generator.


I’m trying to be positive about it, but it sucks.
Goodbye teleporters, You were so useful that you had to be taken away.
Projectile shields, I ruined folks with you so many times. It’s rough.


OMG, they’ve added an F key. I had to change my steam controller mapping.

I was of the opinion that symmetra was fine before but new symmetra seems good. I am going to miss her projectile shield. I wish they kept that, instead of her nerfed charge shot. Maybe they’ll give a new character the projectile shield.


Haven’t tried the new Symmetra, but I will miss the old one. I’m not sure I think she needed to change, but we’ll see how she feels.


Ya the current teleport doesn’t have a lot of use cases, its wind up is too long to use in combat, but its duration is too short to place strategically for future use by your teammates. Currently the only way to utilize it is too get your teammates to stand around for for a couple seconds while you place it which is just bad


ya the only thing lost with the removal of symm’s shield gen is junkrat’s voicelines


I had the same situation. What I did was I double bound my melee button so that it simultaneously presses ‘F’. Now my characters melee as they go through her teleporter which feels extra in a subtle, but nice way.


wrt the Symm change, an angle that I didn’t consider previously is the accessibility one, but, this piece from RPS: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/06/20/overwatchs-symmetra-changes-placate-its-toxic-community/ got me thinking. Do ya’ll think Symmetra’s changes are a portent of things to come, or will char’s like Moira and Winston stick around, unaltered, to keep the entry barrier low? Also, does anyone else despise meta’s? Because I do.


I honestly can’t tell wrt accessibility, though I doubt they’ll change Winston any. Moira gets the odd complaint, but they’re both in good places it seems. I really hope Brigitte is left as she is now – she’s the one most people complain about being low skill, but she requires a lot in terms of positioning and knowing when to engage (like a tank…I do wonder what percentage of complaints come from dps).
I don’t hate metas, but I do dislike when people decide meta is the only way to play the game, and anything less is throwing. Being part of a zeitgeist–neat! Forcing other people into a method of play – bad!


Remember that comment you probably don’t remember because I deleted it? Well, turns out I was right. The new hero’s a fucking hamster.


I was trying to find who was saying it. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Respect to @AppleCider, tho.


How do we know it isn’t a gerbil?


Look man, I’m trying my best here.