Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Personally, I think it is a guinea pig.


Haven’t played much in the last 2 weeks due to life, but I’ve been using the new kids a lot recently (Moira, Orisis, Brigette). Very excited for the the Symm changes, and Battle Hamtaro.


I’m really sorry


In terms of gameplay, I think his grappling hook looks cool, it’s gonna be fun watching people fly off the stage. But apart from that, Wrecking Ball feels kinda uncreative, Just D.Va & Doomfist fused. I can also see his mobility making several heroes useless.


I haven’t played Overwatch in two years but I want to be a hamster boi. I might play again with this update.


So cute! I want a plushy!


I love this lil guy, but I was hoping you could jump out the ball and run around as a lil guy and wave and stuff.


This is something I really struggle with. I am definitely something of a people pleaser when it comes to team games, so I’ll often slot into Support or Tank rather than experimenting. I don’t mind it, but when you’re trying to wrangle four DPS heroes around, it quickly stops being a fun experience to get rolled by an enemy team that does have a more rounded composition.

You’re definitely right in that ‘meta’, as commonly understood, isn’t the only way to play for a variety of reasons (e.g. local maximums at lower levels of play, innovation coming out of responding to a meta), but I do think there is something to be said for encouraging people to think about more than just their own playing experience.


I think the majority of my frustration with people relying on two tanks and two supports as an absolute is that it’s typically a DPS demanding it (at my rank anyway).


For real though, if youre playing with strangers, having a 2-2-2 setup is really helpful. With most other comps you’re going to need way more communication and cooperation. I’m hoping we stop getting new dps heroes for a bit because the game needs more shield/healing variety. Hammond seems like he’ll have more of a Poe Dameron rockstar playstyle though so hopefully some dps mains start playing him.


My comp rank keeps falling despite me playing better. My first two seasons I was platinum but now I’m always gold and can’t seem to climb up. You have to play way too much to gain any rank it seems? I don’t really care about my rank that much, but the system doesn’t seem to make much sense.
Placement matches just places you where you were?


Am I out of line, or is it normal to wince at the idea of a white dude cosplaying Doomfist? https://gamerant.com/overwatch-doomfist-cosplay-gauntlet-zibartas/

Like, cool that he put so much effort into that arm, but this just feels off


I have been listening to podcasts and following people who talk about Overwatch a good bit and would love to get back into it, but I just feel like I don’t have the people or the platform to play it more since I’m on PS4. I almost always play support, so it’s fairly easy to fill in a random team in quickplay or competitive, but I’m missing a lot of the building a team comp or team communication aspects of the game. I keep going back to the game, playing like 5 games of quickmatch and random heroes, and being done with it for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll try again soon, but I wish I my friends played on PS4 not PC.


If you are looking for someone to play with, I’m on PS4 as well. I’m not the most frequent player these days, but I’m happy to group up when I’m online. My PSN is Navster15, add me! I’m also usually support, but I’m flexible with my picks.

Also, I’m listening to an old Idle Weekend around the time of Overwatch’s release, and it’s wild to hear them marvelling at the little details we take for granted nowadays. OW really upped the ante on game art and styling IMO.


I don’t understand why it warrants a write up to begin with TBH. Not like he would be the first or “best” Doomfist cosplayer to begin with. Also yeah, it’s a little odd for a white dude to cosplay 'Fist, but not necessarily racist. Hopefully this doesn’t end in a facebook post from this guy 4 months from now defending blackface.


I’m around where you are - stuck in gold, never reached plat, since I crawled up from bronze but climbing properly is a lot of time sunk into comp most people don’t have unless they only play comp. Placements, after the first time, literally just move you up or down based on impact and other factors (hero selection, etc) from where you were last season. A lot of people don’t know this.


I was hoping that the placement matches were a complete reset, but I could see how that might get abused.
-signed “Happily playing in bronze”


Overwatch has really become my forever game, as I’m still playing it regularly to this day since I started two years ago when it released. I’m also playing it on PS4, so if any of y’all wanna group up, I’m down.

Just one not-so-insignificant problem: I live in Asia so latency is a problem when I play on NA/EU servers and vice versa for people in those regions playing with me on the Asia servers. I don’t mind it in relatively consequence-free Quick Play, but it can lead to disastrous results in Competitive. I’m not 100% opposed to playing ranked with people outside my region, as I’ve found some success before doing so (helps not being a DPS main), but it’s not the optimal setup.

If you PS4 folks are fine with just playing in QP or any of the arcade modes, y’all can add me. I like to think I’m a pretty decent tank main! Howlin_Forever is my ID. Feel free to add. Just lemme know in the friend request that you got my ID from here.


Yeah I’d go with this. I feel a bit weird about it, but as long as he’s not doing blackface or any other dodgy shit like, I think it’s fine. People of white girls cosplay d.va for example and that’s chill as long as they’re not doing yellow face or anything else to make themselves look more Korean.


Hammond’s cosmetics were revealed and there is no pachimari skin :angry: