Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


They gave Hammond/Wrecking Ball a version of D.Va’s bubblegum victory pose. I love this.


I climbed out of bronze and you can too! I believe in you!


The “Git Gud as my new main, Ana” project is proceeding as planned. Nothing further to report.


The looking for group feature has really improved our quick play sessions when there’s only a few of our group online.

We set up the group with roles enforced, sometimes giving ourselves flex roles (because we trust one another to choose something that benefits the team), and setting the spare slots for randos to at least 1 tank and 1 support.

No more matches where two randoms come into the team, see we need an additional support and/or tank, choose Hanzo/Genji.

Choosing ‘any’ for our roles also means we can switch if what we’re doing isn’t working, because solo QP players won’t switch off Hanzo whatever happens.


Just putting it out there, once again, that my psn id is trty0 and I’m usually down to clown.


I tried that with Tracer, but no one in QP wants to heal or tank, so what I’m saying is that I really need to use that “looking to DPS” function.


So Symmetra 3.0 has been out for a while now, in competitive for a week, and someone has written up a report based on stats (bearing in mind that these stats are a week old and from only 1000 PC players and should be taken with a grain of salt). The long and short of it is, her damage output is lacking and only grandmaster level players are actually using her teleporter.

In my personal experience, I’ve found her to be very fun (albeit with a different, more aggressive play style), but ultimately it’s hard to be effective with her when your teammates don’t want to take advantage of your abilities. I’ll have a teleporter up almost constantly (usually I’m in the back, hopefully on a ledge, with my teleporter available as an escape option for our Rein/Orisa or Ana/Zen) but there’s a very good chance my teammates won’t ever use it. And if they do, and it puts them somewhere they don’t expect to be, they’re not gonna use the next one. At that point, I’m better off playing a DPS with more consistent damage output. At least with Symm 2.0 , my teammates didn’t have to actually do anything to benefit from my shield generator. And part of the problem with her damage is that, in fixing an exploit with her primary fire, they drastically nerfed its damage output and have rendered it near useless. It takes so long to charge up to level 3 now, there’s no reason to use it instead of the orbs.

In short, this Kotaku article from april still rings true: Overwatch’s Symmetra Mains Agree: The Problem Is Other Players

I’m still gonna play her because she’s still one of my favorite characters and I feel pretty confident in my ability with her, but yeah.

Anyway, Wrecking Ball is being added to the live servers on the 24th.


The understanding I needed to come to in order to enjoy this game and stop stressing is that:
A. I’m not going to get better with a hero if I don’t practice with them.
B. Quick Play is the only real practice mode in this game, because no one plays the AI modes, PvE modes are only around for special occasions, and the shooting gallery isn’t going to help you with anything beyond learning your abilities.
So if my team’s gotta lose so I can get practice playing a character that isn’t a Support or a Tank for once, then I guess we’re gonna lose, and that’s that on that.


This is literally how my friend Tyler got me to stop freaking out about learning new heroes and to actually improve in the game. You are doing good!


Is Mercy still the healer to play right now? It’s been a minute, and I tend to main healers.


Mercy is still extremely valuable, one of the most valuable characters in the game. Zenyatta is also extremely powerful. Lucio is kind of middling at, but he’s very strong with certain maps and characters (Lucio + Rein is very, very good), his healing output can be very high. Moira’s had a nerf; her heal spray no longer goes through enemy barriers, which has made Mercy and Zen even stronger, but she’s still pretty good. Brigitte is also pretty good but I’ve found she works best in triple support compositions, even Mercy + Brig might not be enough healing most of the time.

Unfortunately Ana is a very bad pick atm, her healing output, even at its best, is so, so low.

Basically, pick who you want but if you feel it’s not working, switching to Mercy + Zen, or Lucio, or maybe Moira is probably the “better” choice.


Thanks! I hopped in for a few games as Mercy not too long after the ult rework and had a few really good games, but I just assumed it was because of how overpowered she was. I need to get caught up on the tanks I played, though, and learn what all is the most successful tactics right now.


I second quick play as the training mode. Whenever people goof off even in quick play I get a little pissed, because if you are practising a character, you get the best practice from a proper scenario. In comp I never play anyone I don’t feel I know. It’s all about winning.

Speaking of Zenyatta, he’s been my most played the last seasons. He is my friend. His damage orbs are incredibly powerful, his healing is good, and his ultra can cancel many others ultras.


Zen is a really good support pick if the rest of the team is just not …doing much. He’s an enabler. Much like Zarya.


Zen is my main, and is pretty much all I pick in quick play solo queue. His healing, shield regeneration, and damage output make it easy to just lone wolf it and take over a match by yourself. Obvs in comp coordination is necessary regardless of who you pick.


The new teleporter for Sym might start to make more sense once/if it starts being used in the competitive stage, because the way I see it, there’s a lot of potential there for absurd rollout and flank strategies.

But, on the other hand, Overwatch League teams seem to almost exclusively play the safe, well-established compositions and avoid taking major risks with unpopular character picks. It’s part of the reason why I wish there were pre-match bans in OWL to keep games from becoming stale.


It would be nice if what was competitively viable didn’t determine character changes. I honestly don’t understand why they couldn’t have just left Symmetra alone and made a character that was useful in competitive in addition to her. As it is she just feels like a completely different character that is wearing Sym’s face.


Because at the end of the day, the Overwatch League is a vector for brand establishment of the game via cementing it as Real Sports, and Blizzard takes it as a failing of the character if they’re not appearing regularly enough on stage in order to help buoy the strength of Overwatch’s brand.

Which also ties into the issue of Blizzard using major balance changes as another means to keep excitement up around the game. Symmetra would likely have benefited from an adjustment of values (and better meta-systems around character picks in the OWL), but that simply isn’t as exciting as “wow check it out we’ve completely changed the way this character plays, please log in and hopefully buy more boxes to get their new skin”.


I love Zarya so much, she was probably my first actual main in this game. Man, I think I might just play a bunch of Overwatch on my off days!


Some new changes went up on the test servers earlier today.

Lucio is getting a pretty big buff, Ana and Moira are getting smaller buffs, and Mercy is getting a small nerf. Zarya’s ult has a smaller radius, but her energy charge degrades at a slower rate. “Channeled” and “transformation” ults now reload your weapon upon ending. Some other changes too but those are the big ones.