Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Biggest problem with Ana so far: she’s too fuckin slow. My girl needs a speed buff, especially if she’s gonna be the main healer in a team.


I love how Brigette’s Shield Bash has gotten it’s CD slowly increased from 4s to where it’s at now at 7s because having such an easy to pull off stun is so damn good.


Torb is getting reworked to have turrets that are thrown (the distance of a pulse bomb, not like symmetras) and grow to level 2 on their own, molten core might be softened as well.

I think it’s a good idea for a change, lowers the ceiling & makes torbjorn set-up easier for everyone while hopefully giving players the option to contribute more without needing to babysit a turret.


if he doesn’t literally throw the entire thing like a wrestler chucking a chair, then what’s the point even


Arms in the air, spawning out of his palms like a spirit bomb.


I’m coming around to new Symmetra. I still miss her, but I’m starting to find fun ways to play her doppleganger.
For context, I play Ranked with chat off and I’m in the 800-1000 range, so there isn’t any opportunity for verbal or text communication.
What I’ve had success with is picking Symmetra and placing teleporters in the lobby when we are on Attack before the match starts. I just keep putting them up to get teammates used to using them. I watch for whoever seems to be using it the most and follow them. Once we reach a static battleline, I find an advantageous spot to teleport to and they typically follow me.

Additionally the ability to put up turrets without the old finnickiness is really helpful in a dogfight. I kill a lot of enemies posthumously.

It drives me bananas that I can’t shoot through shields anymore though.


Main: The Good Healers. (If you must ask, I mean Moira, Lucio, Baguette, Ana, Mercy in that order. Yes, I suck at aiming because my mouse is $30 and my keyboard isn’t leet haxor $300 customized keycaps and switches and all that. That means Zen is a maybe if needed. Symm used to be a no brainer for CTF…now she is mildly annoying like a house fly in your face when you’re trying to sleep.)

Platform: PC … CyrilFiggis#1352 if you wanna play. I am not on quite as much lately because I’m more into some games like Witcher 3 that I’m trying to finish up, but now that Hamster Boye is finally on the live servers I will be on a lot at night. Or like 7 AM to 10 AM Mountain time most days.


I’m enjoying rolling around and having Hammond on the field in general. It feels fresh.


He’s SO overpowered though. Like holy hell, he needs nerfs to his HP, hook CD, and short range gun damage.

Super duper fun. Love swinging around Junkertown and messing people up.


Mei’s icewall works to gum up his path (I think).

I wonder stuff like what happens if Doomfist hits Hammond while flaming or if Hammond can teleport while keeping his momentum


You have a little of that Bad Tracer effect with WB players where they’ll be super mobile behind your lines and annoying, but won’t actually accomplish anything because they’re too afraid of dying. Don’t bother trying to fight one if they’re just rolling around doing nothing, and then unload when they’re in Shoot Mode.


I’m actually a little skeptical on how useful Hammond’s gonna be. Maybe it’s just early, but he seems more flashy than practical, a real “I’M HELPING” type. If I want to play an ambush tank I think I’ll stick with Dva


I gotta stop typing out what I enjoy doing in this game. They removed the ability to place teleporters in lobby.


Carolina Ravassa’s (Sombra voice actor in the English version) videos with the other Overwatch actors are just a delight. There’s a whole bunch on her channel.


I think this video of the voice actors doing the dance emotes is enjoyable. Pretty good dancers too.


With all the coverage of the OWL, I have been thinking about maybe trying to get into it even though it’s hard without a team near you. Should I just watch some of the playoffs to try to get into it?


Give it a go, I don’t think you’ll be lost if you just watch some of the playoffs/finals.

Equally, going back and watching some matches from the previous stages would work just as well.
The matches between the Gladiators and Valiant developed a great atmosphere over the course of the league, as both were LA based.


Cool, I know a few people I know around me would love to have a Southern team maybe based out of Nashville or Atlanta, but I assume they want to expand more internationally first.


I’m still bitter that Florida Mayhem isn’t Miami Mayhem b/c Florida isn’t a city, but also their color scheme is atrocious and I can’t be bothered with it.


I’ve heard them called the “McDonald’s team” before.