Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


I feel the same about the SF Shock - wack colors…also wack name, and (comparatively) wack team.


i got super into it despite timezones making it difficult to watch live but i found it super watchable and fun.

im from the uk but i resent having a single team to choose if i wanted to go local so i went for philly as i am also an eagles fan and then the finals happened so i guess that’s my cross to bear


Likewise I’m from the uk, but had no particular attachment to Spitfire due to me not being from London, and the team being basically an existing team from the Korean league re-badged with no real link to the city. I’ve been quite happy to watch the league as a neutral.

Philadelphia and London were among my favourite teams in the league to watch, so watching both of them progress to the final has been fun.


The only teams I really root for are the Outlaws (primarily for Muma) and the Dragons (primarily for Geguri). Wasn’t able to watch the finals but with the Outlaws not even making it to the primaries lessened my interest in OWL for the moment, so I don’t really feel like I missed out.


As someone who watched like 70% of the entire season including all the stage playoffs and season playoffs, the season playoffs aren’t the best representation of how fun and exciting the league has been, save for a couple of moments. There’s the last game of the first match between the LA Gladiators and the London Spitfire in the quarterfinals that had one of the wildest esports plays, and the last game of the first match between the Philly Fusion and the Spitfire that had a hype-as-hell back-and-forth in the closing moments.

You’re probably better off watching the matches for the four different stage playoffs. A lot more exciting games with their own stories, and you can see the evolution in the meta shifts, how some players and teams got better throughout the season, and how the presentation improve over the course of the season.

Playoffs for stage 1, 2, and 4 were very good!

The season playoffs mostly had London dominate and three(!) teams disappoint across the three rounds.

Also, I’m from the Philippines and had zero esports experience prior to following OWL, so take the plunge! It was fun catching games live when I could, but I still enjoyed just watching the VODs when I missed the streams.


The Outlaws are fun (and have my favourite Overwatch League skin colour scheme).

I also have a soft spot for Mickie and Seagull of the Fuel, and Geguri too, I really wanted her to get that first win.


So I’ve just tried the new Sym and like… What am I meant to do with her now? She had such a strong identity as a defending hero and now it’s all weird…


Took a unintended, accidental break from Overwatch, almost two weeks. Probably the longest I’ve been away from this game. Coming back has been very nice, game feels fresh in a way it hadn’t. Definitely feel rusty though lol.

Hammond is extremely fun. It feels like he should be played almost like Tracer or Sombra; the best Hammond I’ve played against was always rolling in, doing damage, and rolling out before he could be killed. His ultimate is kinda hard to use though, feels best as zoning rather than trying to do damage.

As for Symm, I haven’t played much of her recently. She’s still best on defense but we still have the issue where teammates simply won’t use her teleporter. Only use it sees is if I head back a bit to get my low-mobility teammates back from respawn a little faster. The range increase buff she’s getting is probably not going to help matters much. She feels like a super niche choice only valuable with teammates willing to play with her tools.

The summer event begins on the 9th, with Lucioball coming back. Apparently there will be some OW content showed at Gamescom at the end of the month, likely a new map as they’ve done before.


Is there anyone on the Waypoint forums around 3,000 SR (I’m currently 3,150) in the NA region who would want to queue up for comp now and then? I’ve really gotten into Overwatch and grinding ranked the past two seasons, and would love if I could find some people to queue up with who aren’t, you know, the typical toxic gamers you find in solo queue.

My battlenet is WhyMeo#1260 if anyone wants to add me.


So, Rein got the best skin right? Right.


The new sports day patch on PC added a new button on the Hero Gallery to see all newly added skins/items in one place. It’s a really nice feature.


This is actually really important to me as someone that gets bothered by bad UI (Why can’t I right-click to go back?).
Wait…I thought this meant I could see my newly acquired items more easily. dang. This is good too, though. Just not as convenient as I thought.


He deserves the wrestling skin from the spray two years ago! It’s a shame they didn’t give him that or Roadhog his diving outfit!


I like how ranked Overwatch is such a “positive” enviroment populated by “helpful” people who “don’t” leave games


As someone who is relatively new to Overwatch, I found OverwatchLeague fun and entertaining. I really appreciate the laid back and friendly approach with the same level of production the more competitive stuff gets. I saw so many females in the chairs and one on the front desk. It felt inclusive in a way I never seen before. Hope to see more of this in the future.


This Ashe & B.O.B. cosplay is adorable.


Does wanting to play nothing but Ashe make me a class traitor? :thinking:


You have to watch out for the 1% :wink:


This story is just getting weird. I’m not even sure what is happening.


If they gave 76 the new line: “I love having aggressive, passionate, sex with MEN” I’d probably start playing Overwatch again