Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


Soldier:76 is a mlm, but also he and Ana are shitty friends and keep shittalking renowned good dad Reinhardt in this short story like they’re making Good Life Decisions, so I hope Jack breaks a hip when he falls off that fucking high horse.


Wait, does “mlm” stand for “marxist-leninist-maoist” or “man loving men”, like a masc4masc thing?


DEFINITELY the latter. we’re saving the overwatch political compass for jokes and dokes later.


Not to call ya’ll out, but I feel like the conversation above is EXACTLY why Blizzard dropped the ‘76 is gay’ news.

I posted something about the VERY troubling Ellie story, and now everyone is talking about their new gay hero.

I think Dia is saying it best right now:


I literally hadn’t heard of that story before I came into this thread and, like, I don’t actually care if 76 is queer, it’s probably not gonna get me playing Overwatch again.


its been a hot minute since I played overwatch and I have no intention of going back and I dont really have anything meaningful to add here but this made me cackle:


dia’s making the same the same argument just about everyone on twitter is making, including me and just about every other person i follow who’s in any part of the lgbtq community. just b/c we’re havin a laugh over it doesn’t mean we’re buying into blizzard’s shtick. this is the oldest trick in the book. we been knew.

edit: also blizzard’s little confirmation basically changes nothing b/c even if they confirmed s76 had like a wife and 3 kids or whatever, that wouldn’t stop the most active parts of their fandom from drawing slash of him and reaper.

like i can definitely understand why people think it’s neat, and while I’m an adult who knows that if i want sincere rep for queer characters, i need to support indie queer creators, there are kids and teens that aren’t aware of that kind of stuff, so maybe this’ll help them. that’s the most optimistic read i can have on this.


tho on the other hand, if you’re talking about how the ellie thing sets a troubling precedent in overwatch competitive scenes w/ regards to how women are treated poorly in competitive gaming scenes and how one shitty pro gamer decided to do a “social experiment” about it to prove a point instead of literally just listening to women when they say that the pro-gaming scene is unwelcoming to women; yeah, that’s absolutely a thing and it sucks.

I mostly overlooked that story in this thread because the entire breadth of it took place on my twitter dash from start to finish within the span of a few hours. what it seems people would like is for blizzard to implement real protections for disenfranchised people in their competitive scene, or at least throw this idiot out for his acts of clownery. whether or not they’ll do that still remains to be seen, though i’m not holding my breath for the former.


As far as I can tell, the player in question has never been a part of the pro scene. They just play ladder/competitive.


Yeah, read a few more articles as the story continued to develop that clarified that he was a pro in the colloquial sense, not the actual sense.


I think this is pretty off-base. I think there’s grounds to downplay the importance of this short story or to raise questions about how Blizzard handles their meta-narrative about Overwatch, but this isn’t plausible and, to not dance around the issue, comes across as almost conspiratorial.

Developing art assets, partnering with streamers, and writing, editing, and publishing creative work takes time, even if you’re doing it outside of the constraints that come with producing for a major IP.

Overwatch publishes monthly content updates, which (as we see news of budget control and cuts within Blizzard) range from events, new heroes, or more general new content.

There’s definitely been a move to pair updates to the story with streaming promotional and in-game content to incentivise different types of people to come back into the game (they did something similar with D.Va Nano Cola around the time of the Shooting Star short).

The timing isn’t great for them & I can see how folks would say that it is covering a bad press cycle for them. I think the further implication that it’s part of a master media control strategy doesn’t seem to make sense.


I have fallen back into Overwatch in a big time way, ill be following this thread!


I hit the 500 hour mark the other week. It’s basically the social game for me, my fiancee and out little group. We go online to chat a few times a week, and in the background, Overwatch happens.


Love playing attack on Hanamura and having a Hanzo, Ana and Ashe on the team refusing to switch despite it being a complete stand still. I’m fine with keeping Ana but I want them to remove the other snipers for a week and see the game drastically improve.


I feel like half my quick play games end up with me on a team with at least two snipers and yet I still get gold medal eliminations playing Zenyatta. What are these people even doing?


Peeking around corners for 10 minutes, making sure to never spend any time on the objective.


Snipers are the worst thing to have happened in shooting games.


sorry folks, after more than a thousand hours playing tank and support, i made an alt account (playing on ps4) specifically just to grind hanzo so i can ~~git gud~~ and see what the deal is

and… it’s been real fun! storm arrows melt everything, getting the high ground gives me even more appreciation for the map designs, and landing headshot after headshot (when it happens) is super satisfying.

won’t be climbing up to masters and beyond because i know my limited twitch reflexes as a 30-year-old can only get me so far, but yeah, picking up an entirely new character (for me) and mindset after years of playing the game has been rejuvenating.


I’m a DPS main who hates the tank meta but this Reaper buff combined with the nerf to armor is just ridiculous he is unstoppable. You can walk right up to a group of tanks and take out all of them because they just don’t have the damage to kill you.

I wonder what the reasoning was for such a drastic change, especially when the tank and support roles don’t really see buffs like this unless a specific hero is really struggling. Reaper was totally fine before this. (My current tinfoil hat theory is that they think DPS gameplay is more compelling to watch at a competitive level so the fact that no one is running any DPS is an issue for them with OWL on the way)


I don’t think that’s very tinfoil, they seem to take the pro stuff very seriously. Reaper is just broken, they don’t know what they are doing. I don’t think the game is fun right now sadly.