Overwatch Megathread: Bastion is our friend


The Reaper buff along with the barrage of Brigitte nerfs is definitely a reaction to the highest level of play (Grandmaster and the pro scene) being 95% GOATS, which is 3 tanks and 3 supports. Rein, Zarya, D.Va with Lucio, Zen, and Brig, swapping out Rein with Winston if it’s a map with a lot of verticality. Most any other comp gets steamrolled by all that HP, damage nullification, and healing, so both teams just run the exact same setup, and whoever plays it better wins. It can work in lower ranks, but it does require coordination in the sense that the whole team has to stick together all the time and stagger ult usage, so it’s not as popular in Diamond and below.

But yeah, if you’ve been following any of the big streamers and the Contenders league, GOATS is what everyone’s been playing for months and months, and a lot of the pros are sick of it.

I don’t think this big Reaper buff is going to put an end to it nor will it make him super viable in GM and above because his range and mobility sucks, and those top tier players CC his relatively big hitbox instantly to oblivion and very rarely have bad positioning that Reaper punishes immensely in lower ranks.

It’s really more the armor and Rally nerfs if anything that would stop GOATS dominance, but that remains to be seen.

McCree’s still a good counter to Reaper, especially since Fan the Hammer got buffed not too long ago. Flashbang and FTH stops Reaper dead in his tracks consistently. Brig’s Shield Bash and Whip Shot are also good. Same with Lucio boops to keep him at a distance. With fast reflexes and solid aim, Ana’s sleep dart is another answer.

Personally, I’m very excited to for OWL S2 and how the meta will shake out by then. Maybe I’ll be totally wrong and we’ll see everyone’s favorite edgelord Gabby Reyes fuck shit up in the pro scene.

As for my actual experience playing Ranked, it’s been more or less the same sometimes fun, sometimes awful time swinging between high Plat and low Diamond! Trying to learn Ashe, and… she’s good.

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I don’t give a fuck about Ranked or OWL so if this makes QM unfun, then I just stop playing the game until it gets better or a new Lúcio skin comes out. I’m a simple gay with simple needs.


Me getting pumped with every new support skin/waiting for thotty Soldier 76/Rein/Roadhog skins.

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waiting for them to give Reinhardt a beach skin like :hot_face: :watch: :moneybag:


They chickened out by not giving him a wrestling singlet and Roadhog his diving outfit from their Summer Games sprays.

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Anyone been keeping up with the OWL off-season? Anything I should know about come Thursday? I haven’t played the game in months, but for some reason, I still want to keep up with the comp scene.


Sombra voice actor Carolina Ravassa cosplaying as Sombra is excellent:

So many sweet reactions from fans in that video, but 1:51 is just adorable.


Anjali Bhimani is a treasure

There’s lots of great stuff on her YouTube channel, ‘Sweeetanj’.


Thanks for sharing. Anjali’s the best, hope they give Symmetra some love this year with a short or comic or something. Maybe further that redemption arc they teased like three years ago lol

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If folks are not currently keeping up with the Overwatch League, I’d highly recommend watching this one game from last night – Chengdu Hunters playing against Paris Eternal with some of their, er, patented unorthodox strategies…


Wow, they even managed to make Hanamura look fun!

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new anniversary event and open mike eagle’s guest appearance on waypoint radio has me coming back to the game

this new wrecking ball intro + the new skin justify me renewing my ps plus subscription

also god has it really been 12 years since the dramatic chipmunk meme


finally i can bring gun game and one in the chamber to overwatch, maybe even search and destroy

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