‘Overwatch’ Summer Event Is Live, Has The Best New Skins

Soldier 76 was always destined to wear a chef’s apron.

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Junkrat finally has a skin that is good! Praise be.


Goodbye everyone, I’m going to the beach with my sniper rifle and nobody is ruining my good time.


The Pharah dunk is the greatest thing about this update, fyi


Zarya gets Ilya Bryzgalov’s “Why you heff to be mad” quote out of this and nothing could be better.


The event is back, which means I can finally buy the Bicycle Kick highlight intro for Lúcio, completing my soccer set up for him. I’m pleased…

Also, Mercy’s skin looks good.

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Bastion fucks. Pharah dunks.

I got the beach dad Soldier skin with my free lootbox and suddenly I do not feel compelled to spend any money on this update.

Also, I’m a Soldier main now.


What is the “pharah dunks”?

I love sexy McCree.


And its inspiration which I recognized instantly (00:24 mark):


BBQ soldier 76 has a can of diet soda for his healing aura
Lifeguard McCree spawns a beach ball instead of a tumbleweed.
this is all very good.

Alright, that’s it. Shut it down everyone, Overwatch wins, we’re done here.

I’m pleased with the loot box changes but I am MIFFED that robowitch up here and Danika have got great stuff very fast when my first two summer boxes have been rubbish >:( I just want that Mercy but don’t want to play enough Lucioball to get it, even though that’s the easiest arcade mode right now. Woe.

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Honestly just play quick play matches with friends if you can, I get 1-2 boxes in the limited time I play a night.

I’m sorry! My fingers are crossed that the magic lootbox fairy gives you the Mercy we all need.

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I want BBQ Dad to show up in my loot box honestly. That’s all I want.

Please please please let me get what I want.

(I want the Sombra skin.)

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Me: Cool that my first box got me the Lifeguard McCree skin.
Also me: But I really want Junkrat…and Edgelord, and Widowmaker, and Mercy, and Griller76, & last years Genji…and…

how come Safe-Ass Motherfucker mccree doesn’t say “it’s high tide”


“The tide is high and I’m holding on. I’m gonna be your huckleberry.”