‘Overwatch’ Summer Event Is Live, Has The Best New Skins


All my friends have fallen off OW recently (as I have a lot, honestly) and every time I go into quick play everyone is fucking about :weary:


So like, not everyone likes this idea but I generally like playing bots. I feel like most people playing that mode are pretty nice overall since it’s less aggressive and people aren’t screwing around. Maybe that would be a viable option to getting xp for the loot boxes?


I’m sorry to have to put this in here, but I can’t unsee Mercy’s shoes and it’s the only thing keeping me from just buying the skin.

Blizzard, why are you like this?

Also Copa Lúciobol makes me a little sad because, like, now there’s pressure to perform well at regular Lúciobol instead of just having a good time with a silly game mode and it doesn’t feel as good as it did before. :c


I am in love with these sandals. I’m not sure where the irony stops and sincere appreciation begins.


I couldn’t not buy the Mercy skin outright, as I’m so gay.