Overwatch Thread of Arcane Horrors

Since the release of Overwatch on May 2016 my life has known little peace. The dread that comes with the package of Blizzard latest despair simulator is overwhelming. I can feel the overwhelming forces that come from Competitve mode pull me into the deepest threshes.

You too will succumb to a loot box-based, pornography drenched, hanzo-main centric hellscape.

(Game’s good, let’s discuss Overwatch. I didn’t see a catch-all thread yet.)


I love Overwatch too! But toxic/passive agressive comments really get to me and I have to stop for the evening; there was a brief period at the start where everyone was SO HAPPY to be playing that that stuff didn’t happen, but now it’s more often then not.

So I generally run a 6 stack with friends when I play :slight_smile:

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As a Mercy main on PC I have seen the Worst of Humanity.

At night I wake up in cold sweat, hearing whispers that call to me…“I need healing”.


I’ve played it on and off since launch. Loved the addition of competitive tried three seasons but have come to the realisation that I’m really not good so I have taken a longer break from it.

Otherwise I am currently ridiculously excited to earn myself the new D.va skin (and probably not actually use it that much).

I’ve found there is significantly less toxicity and salt in CTF. People mostly just get mad at Draws, but in my opinion Draws happen all the time in escort modes, but that just means the defense wins.

But why would you play as Widowmaker in the Uprising event? We don’t need a sniper! We barely need Tracer!
this is my burden

Junkrat is the first time I’ve ever seen a Grenade Launcher character in a first person shooter to be terrible as fuck.

Demoman in TF2? Gahdlike.
Bomb King in Paladins? Gahdlike.
Halo Reach Grenade Launcher? Gahdlike.
Beckett in Gigantic? Gahdlike.
The Dirty Bomb character whose name escapes me right now? Gahdlike.

Junkrat is just ass city y’all

hello friends I see we have an Overwatch thread


its fun to have fun and sometimes fun is doing a run with every hero to see how it goes

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I’ve played way too much of this game, it’s grabbed me in a way that no multiplayer game has since Dota 2, with some salt but considerably less salt and time investment required. I want to play competitive more but I get pretty mad when I lose. I don’t play it as often as I used to, but I usually don’t go more than a week or two without playing it at least once.

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Overwatch is so good! dragging me back kicking and screaming to the world of Mobas good because man, I want that D.Va skin good.

anyway, Junkrat is great, I don’t know what that other guy’s going on about.

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Overwatch is extremely good. I just hope everybody excited to use the new D-Va skin is ready to become the only person i go after in every single match regardless of the situation

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I main support in that game on PC, but I don’t play competitive past placement matches because I’m just… I’m so tired of the slurs. So fucking tired.

Lúcio is my boy tho and I wish that Blizzard would PUT A FUCKIN SHIRT OUT FOR HIM ALREADY!!!

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I still play a few matches a week. Player base seems to be sparse on PS4 though and none of my friends play. The last couples of balances have kind of messed up my strategies. There are way to many short range characters for me to make a dent with D.Va so I mostly just stick to Lucio now.

I’m also extremely tired of their lootbox BS. I mean maybe other blind box games are just as bad but the amount of sprays, icons, and voices feels like a slap in the face. I would rather get a loot back 1/5 of the time and have a better chance of getting skins. Or at least a better reward for getting dupes. It feels predatory especially with the holiday stuff being locked away indefinitely, but I’m sure they’re making plenty of money.

Overwatch is simultaneously the best and most frustrating game. There’s a lot of really great and creative decisions mixed in with some baffling tweaks and functions that make you wonder if they tested things at all.

I also think the game is getting bogged down as they add layer on layer of mechanics and it’s very easy to break at lower-to-mid skill levels. I’m thinking of shield meta, bastions, etc. The game can be extremely unfun very simply if one team wants it to be.

I was going to make another reply about the lore here, but I can’t. I just can’t take myself to that dark place again.

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I have saved so much money on new games by buying Overwatch last June. Even with the lootboxes for me and my kids, I’m hundreds and hundreds of dollars ahead at this point. My To Play pile is under 20 games for the first time in a decade. My hair has grown back and the horrors of aging hold no sway on me anymore.

But yeah, the game’s pretty good too. Zenyatta will forever be my beautiful, homicidal robot son.
I just hit 500 hours last month, after never playing an online FPS shooter for more than an hour or two, ever.

It’s no better for us Zen mains, except it’s apparently perfectly fine to spam “Need Healing” at the Zen, because everyone assumes you’re DPSing and ignoring your Healing duties. Or- and stay with me here- you might possibly be out of Line of Sight. Like, “across the map on an adventure” out of Line of Sight.
Genji and Reaper (and Junkrat for some god-forsaken reason?), I’m looking in your general direction.

Junkrat in a Junkrat main’s hands is truly terrifying. He is pretty much unkillable. You can still win the game against him- which is why a lot of people get down on him- but it is a miserable grind.

I don’t think I can bring myself to play their Moba-ish to get the skin. It looks dreadfully boring. I’ll wait for it to get in normal lootboxes.
And who do you main that you’re going to take us D.Vas on 1v1? Unless it’s Zarya, in which case I humbly apologize for everything. Please don’t look for me. In fact, just pretend I don’t exist. Please, sorry, and thank you.