Oy, introduce yourself!

I’m Phil Tibitoski aka PTibz. I work at Young Horses Games on Bugsnax and Octodad. You can find me on twitter @PTibz as well. :v:

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Hello! I’m savooipeerd, he/him, but back in the TF2 days people usually just called me savoo. I’ve been reading Waypoint since its inception, and have been lurking on these forums on and off ever since. Decided to finally make an account and maybe find a good community to discuss/play games with!

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Hi I’m Everill, 30, live in Sweden, been following waypoint since the start and then on and off… Love me some speedy race cars, GB stuff etc. trying to broaden the places I hang out in!

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Hey y’all, I’m Andrew, go by Raytheon (yes, the weapons manufacturer) elsewhere. Like some other people here I made this a loooong time ago but haven’t been involved on the forums, though I still follow along with the Waypoint content.

Recently made the mistake of getting back into Destiny and figured I might as well find cool people to raid with!

Hello I’m Luke! I’m a 25 year old software developer in Ohio. I’ve been following Waypoint for years and love their content! I’ve actually been in the forums and discord for years but recently left and kinda… want to join again. I’ve been playing more online games lately so I’d like to be a bigger part of this community.


Sparklykiss here and I use they/them pronouns. Currently am based out of Chicago and I work freelance doing social media, community management, sensitivity reading, and diversity/inclusion work. Former mod over at Giant Bomb and you can find me most places as Sparklykiss. Nice to be here and meet y’all! ;D

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Hello im Badger, i dont really use twitter but its @KyleHanahan. Im from Philly and i was told about this group by a friend who is a member I’m hoping to get on the discord to join a destiny clan and start grinding endgame content and maybe make some friends along the way

Hey my name is Kenny, I live in Phoenix, AZ and have been listening to Waypoint for a long time, I want to chat with some people who enjoy like minded game as the forums and discords that I usually hang around seem to be hyper focused on AAA only titles which is growing less and less appealing to me, my Twitter is @kenslance

Hiya, I’m Mike! @macclubbin on twitter. He/him, 33 yr. old artist and musician from Pennsylvania. Discovered Waypoint by way of Austin being on Abnormal Mapping/Great Gundam Project and am now a regular listener to Waypoint Radio! I have a website with my art, music, and reviews at michaelmaccubbindotcom. Looking forward to meeting some like-minded people!

Hello everyone my name is Badger (he/him)im from Philly. heard about this place from a friend and was hopping to get on the discord and join a clan in Destiny 2 ( I need friends for the endgame grind) @M_o

you asked for my twitter but i dont really use twitter so here in my FB https://www.facebook.com/kyle.hanahan/

Hi everyone!

I’m Ikeruga, same @ handle on Twitter. I’m from Mexico, but now living in Europe. 26 years old, he/him. I actually work as a programmer in the games industry!

I found Waypoint back when I saw they were covering certain difficult topics in the podcasts that I wanted to hear perspectives on. I actually had no idea who any of the people were, but slowly fell in love with everyone involved (that was back in 2017, so a while now).

As far as forum experience, I’ve been in a few but rarely engage. My experience with online communities has been filled with abuse and now I evade them a lot due to my social anxiety. Bad Internet memories.

Anyway, let’s not end on a sour note. I hope I’m able to engage with this community, especially now that more of our lives are digital.

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Hey hi every one, i am new here and i hope i will collect new information here.


My name is Marcee (@Marcemallow15 on twitter). I am a 27 y/o lady (she/her) from the Chicago suburbs now living in Oklahoma. I am a PhD student in Biochemistry, but my hobbies include gaming, movies, TV, some artsy things, cooking/baking.

I’ve loved gaming since the Sims 1 (Makin Magic is the best Sims expansion ever) but I’ve only really followed Waypoint since earlier in this garbage year.

Hello all!

My name is Brock (@DeusExBrockina), he/him. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but have moved around the midwest since. I’m a 26 y/o archivist, and my hobbies mostly revolve around videogames, tabletop rpg’s, and anime. I’ve also gotten into kpop recently after many years of my friends talking about it =3

I’ve been listening to Waypoint podcasts for years now and have posted on here a couple times but am finally introducing myself!

I’m Devin, I’m a musician, teacher, and podcaster from California! I’m a huge FatT fan and got into Waypoint because of my admiration for Austin. I guess I like video games too but TRPGs are my jam. I’m @devindecibel on twitter and be here!

Hi all! Name is Scott (he/him) and listen to the podcast every week. Currently playing through Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Trigger.

Hello Waypoint community!

I’ve been a fan of Waypoint since its inception, since I finally found a gaming site that knew who Marx was and had good opinions on video games, which was/is a rare combination!

I’m into all the games, work as a web dev, and am a hobbyist game dev. Closest I came to fame was making a flash game about mental illness many years ago, and was grateful Vice was one of the few sites that covered it (I can’t add links to this post, but if you google “inner vision game vice” you’ll see what I’m referring to)

Look forward to chatting with like-minded people!

Uh, hi everyone.
I’m Retorox (he/him), a current college student. I came to Waypoint through Austin and Friends at the Table and my only regret about it is that it took so long for me to check it out. Video games and Tabletop RPGS are my primary hobbies and, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve put myself out there on a forum, so I’m hoping that it all works out! Excited for fun times ahead.

Hi! I’m @suprspecialawsm on Twitter and pretty much everywhere else. I’ve followed Waypoint since day one and am nervous but excited to see the site evolve and change.

I’m mostly a fiction-loving gamer and my favorite game is Persona 3. I tend to play a lot of slice-of-life games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. I also really enjoy visual novels.

I hope I can find some kindred spirits here and enjoy talking about the entity that is Waypoint!

HI hi!

My name is Axe, I’m 23 and a Filipinx trans femme nb. I use they/them/theirs pronouns. it’s in my profile too but I’m @wing_blade_ on Twitter.

I found Waypoint via Great Gundam Project. Been following GGP for a year now and Waypoint for like eight months. Deeply appreciate these podcasts as a space for me to have critical academic-y voices in my fiction interests that are also contemporary and invested in decolonization and anti-racism. My college education was in visual art with a focus in sculpture and new media, but I studied a lot of critical theory. I organize and do support work for DIY music communities and balance this with trying to want to make art post grad and do solo game dev stuff.

I primarily play JRPGs and “adventure”/narrative games but have recently been trying to branch into playing CRPGs. Currently reading Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown and Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis.