Oy, introduce yourself!

Hi y’all,
I’m Jarda, he/him.
I’ve been following Waypoint, the pod and the website since late 2017 and somehow never realized there’s a forum attached, despite definitely hearing about it?
Anyway it’s 2020 and places to talk about videogames that are not a toxic swamp still seem preciously rare so I’m looking forward to spending some time in here.


Hey hi,
I’m Liz, they/she.
I’ve been a medium time listener, some time around early 2019/late 2018. Going through video logs and listening to the pod. I’ve looked around the forums before and even though I’m not an avid forum user, y’all seem great! Thought it was time to at least make an account.

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Sup, I’m phlog, he/him. I like video games and critical discussion of them and would like to discuss them in an environment free from the worst parts of the internet!

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Masquerade Overture, floating pestilent miasma.

Shout “Save us!” and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”

Hi everyone I’m Facultystaff! I made an account here when the forums first opened but never ended up posting until now. I’m a design engineer in Alabama, he/him, 26. I found my way to waypoint following Austin over from Giant Bomb and have been a huge fan of the site over the last few years of its existence. As far as games go I feel like all I play at this point is waaaay too much Destiny but I love to stay up to date with the current games conversation as much as I can. Happy to finally join this community!


I’m Ridley, he/him. Super excited to meet some folks to talk about/play games with!

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Hey everyone!

I’m Chraq, he/him (pronounced however you think it is). I’m a 28 year old IT guy living in LA. I’ve been listening since the beginning, came to Waypoint after Match 3 wrapped up, very excited for Gita to be joining!.

Glad to be finally dipping my toes into the Waypoint forums after having avoided forums in general for a good 10 years, as I tend to worry too much about what people think about what I say.

On and off again Destiny player, trying to make time for other games in between Destiny binges.

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Hi there!

I’m Steve, I’m a high school history teacher and recent convert to the podcast. I really love the show and the people involved. I mostly play Paradox games and first person shooters like Rainbow Six. Longtime PC gamer since the heyday of the 1990s. Glad to be here.

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Hey im Ali, an imminent 30yo in UK looking for a job as an Environment Artist with a background in Fine Art and making the switch now. I ain’t been on forums before so this is new. Big lover of the podast :slight_smile:


Hiya, I’m Kim (kim_pining on twitter)! I’m 19 and just recently found Waypoint and Austin Walker through the Great Gundam Project but I really loved the handful of Waypoint podcast episodes I’ve listened to and decided to try and be more active in the community :>


Hey yall! I’m Chris Algoo, I’m one of the organizers of Game Devs of Color Expo and just played the Kingdom Hearts DLC. (not the boss fight part, that’s too much and I’m way underleveled and on proud mode.) My Discord username is ChrisAlgoo#5861 and I’d love to join the Waypoint discord!

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hi there. i’m jonny.

i got into waypoint via big boy season and started listening to the podcasts after that

also, i’ve missed being on a web forum. want to do more of that here in the year twenty twenty

my name is Jenn Mima and I’m here to say that I like the work of waypoint in a really big way.

also: Austin and Janine’s stream of Cargo: A Quest For Gravity was their career high.

thank you.

Hey, I’m Kyle (he/him). Been listening to Waypoint radio for a couple years now, big fan but for some reason never thought to sign up to the forums despite having become increasingly exasperated at pretty much every other avenue for game discussion out there online.

Anyway, excited to talk games, movies, music, politics etc. with you all! Or at least lurk more officially.

I’m Stef, I’ve been on and off following Waypoint since it launched, following Austin over from GB. I originally found the podcast difficult to listen to but I’ve been really enjoying it and it’s high energy the last while.

I am Emily :upside_down_face: I am an open-minded person with a positive attitude to life. I try to find beauty and inspiration in things around me. I am fond of nature, pets, cities, and so on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m jubilee and I’ve been following Patrick and Austin for a long time now, but I just joined here hoping to escape the more toxic and reactionary style of forums I spend too much time in. All my love to Gita, Rob, Cado, Natalie, and Danielle as well. They’re all just the best.


Hi there, I’m BaddArt! I came here from Giant Bomb like a lot of people.

I like Destiny, narrative games, RPGs. My other interests are doing improv and sketch comedy!

Hey Everyone, I’m Rob or Trebor. I Started Following Austin and the rest when Waypoint was started.

Currently Playing Disco Elysium, Heroes of the storm and Escape from Tarkov (If anyone wants to play hit me up). Most of my time is spent playing TTRPGs nowadays so I’m looking for more people to play with on that front.

Hey there! I’m Ian (he/him), i’ve been listeningnto the podcast for…i forget exactly how long but maybe coming up on a couple years at this point. I’m 28 and i live in the kansas city area with my partner and their family.

Currently i’m about to start playing digimon cyber sleuth complete edition on the switch. I played rhe original on ps4 and it has type of systems and farming the can be engulfing for me, and i am presently unemployed and waiting on job applications so i’m hoping it will prove an engulfing game again to hel0me pass the time