Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey there! I’m Ian (he/him), i’ve been listeningnto the podcast for…i forget exactly how long but maybe coming up on a couple years at this point. I’m 28 and i live in the kansas city area with my partner and their family.

Currently i’m about to start playing digimon cyber sleuth complete edition on the switch. I played rhe original on ps4 and it has type of systems and farming the can be engulfing for me, and i am presently unemployed and waiting on job applications so i’m hoping it will prove an engulfing game again to hel0me pass the time

Hi, I’m scrimler! I’m an off and on game enthusiast but I always keep up to date with waypoint radio, so I figured it’d be good to be able to chat with people about it! Looking to get my first real forum experience.

Always looking for people to play online games with too, I’m on ps4 and pc, playing all kinds of things!

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hey! I’m Jim (they/them), & I was looking for friends at the table JM-27 content (no prizes for guessing why) and found the big old thread here. The thoughtful forum rules made me think maybe this is a nice place to read!

I’m a history student. I mostly look at rules-light tabletop rpgs these days, but darkest dungeon and the dragon age series have a special place in my heart. Nice to meet you all :^)

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Hi, my name is Kenny (he/him). I’ve been a fan of Waypoint since it started. I followed Austin here from Giant Bomb. I’m just now joining the forums because I’m trying to find a good Destiny group. Having to leave raids because randos from LFG keep throwing around slurs is getting old.

Hey! I’m Nick, he/him. I’m a high school teacher in Kansas and I joined mainly because I really want to talk to other people who are interested in the same parts of games and culture that I am, in the ways that I am, and Waypoint captures that really well. I just beat KH3 and listened to all of Lore Reasons except ReMind. Probably going to beat ReMind this week but kinda feeling Sonic Mania after I saw the movie yesterday.

Hi, I’m Andy, they/them or he/him. I’m a psychologist and transportation safety researcher from ct. I’ve been following waypoint from the beginning but just joined the community mainly to find people to play destiny 2 with, since my old group isn’t really active anymore and I’m not sure where else to look for an lgbt friendly clan.

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Hi, I’m Fraser. I’m a gamedev, fairly young (just starting college), Canadian, and honestly I’m just here because I want to get into the discord :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Aayush(He/him) from Kathmandu,Nepal. Have been a fan for a while. I like open world games(even the bad ones), Souls like games(Big Surprise) and recency caught the Destiny bug.
I"m mainly doing this for the discord.
Love the waypoint crew past and present
Waypoint really has helped me broaden my understanding of games and why I even like the types of game I like.

Heya I’m Kaia, 21yo university student (computer science) who’s been listening to the podcast for a long time. I don’t have a twitter account I feel comfortable sharing right now, but you can find my (inactive) mastodon as @kaia@sunbeam.city. I realized at some point that there was a forum to discuss the episodes but never made an account, but I have a homework set I really don’t want to do right now so I’m using this excuse to procrastinate.

Recent favorite games are Celeste, Outer Wilds, and returning to Minecraft (I finally got around to playing the modpack Blightfall, which is such a creative reinterpretation of Minecraft’s mechanics and the mechanics expected of modpacks!).

Hey everyone! I’m Eric, AKA Ellimem on Twitter, gaming platforms, and essentially anything that has a handle. I’m 30, go by he/him/any, and I am queer!

I’m mostly here for access to the Discord, but hope to have some good times on here, too!

Hi, everyone! My name is Michael, but I go by MPOSullivan here (and most other places), and @MPOSullivanART on the twitter dot com. They/them or he/him.

I’m a graphic designer and artist by trade, and play tabletop RPGs and Destiny in my free time. I am enthusiast for robots and orcs. I love reading comics, to the neglect of my growing stack of unread novels. I play an woman Exo Titan in Destiny, and I honestly think that’s a big portion of my gender expression. I’m a vegetarian (over twenty years!), and I know how to pick locks (but poorly!).

I’m excited to slowly and carefully step into this community and see how things go. While I am a very social person, I can sometimes have trouble engaging in online spaces, so please be forgiving if I forget to respond to a question or take some time away.


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I’ve been on the forums as a long-time lurker and mostly inactive-er for a few years now, but I figured I should probably post a proper intro so I can slide into the Discord!

My handle’s WaffleBombs, but I usually go by Joe. I’m a 23-year-old college dropout working for the public sector in Florida. I originally followed Austin here from GB but obviously have come to deeply love everyone on staff, past or present.

I’m a bi dude, use he/him pronouns, and try my best my clothes lookin’ fresh as a chubby fella. If you need some masc clothes recommendations with a couple Xs preceding the L, I’m your guy!

Hello all! I’m usAurelius but I just go by Aurelius or Auri (he/him or they/them). I’m a 30yo queer housespouse who recently moved to CT from Philly who enjoys tabletop & video games, cooking, nail polish, hiking, and weird words.

I’ve really wanted to find a wholesome community to play Destiny 2 (PS4) with as I don’t know many people IRL who play and I thought why not check out the community of a podcast I very much like.

I tend to be a lurker on forums for the most part, but I hope to get to know some of you around here.

Hi, I’m Dan! I’ve been gaming since the days of my Amiga 1000. I found Waypoint radio not that long ago but it’s very much something I’ve been looking for. I’m thrilled to stumble on a community that shares my interests and values.

In real life I’m an appellate public defender which means I get paid to: 1) do work that I find meaningful and 2) argue about the rules for a living.

Hi! I’m Nick from Montreal, Canada. I’m 32, he/him and I’ve been an avid Waypoint radio listener for the past few years. Really enjoyed Patrick’s content on Kotaku and when I learned he was here, I had to check it out. Even though I’m Canadian, the US primary season is stressing me the fuh out and the politics portions of the pods have helped and thought I’d check out the forums/discord to get more of that goodness.


Eyo, I’m Nat (scarletcatalie on twitter), a freelance news rascal and occasional game developer from Scotland. These days I post most of my words on RPS but I’ve started pushing a few stories up Waypoint Vice Games :eyes:

Honestly? I’m largely posting so I can start lurking in the discord. Been listening to WPR since the early days (following Rob and Danielle from Idle Weekend) and the community’s always seemed pretty chill. Keen on becoming more engaged wi all that. .

(I think I briefly popped an account here wayyy back after Kunzelman did a write-up on a Bitsy I made, but I lost the login. o o p s.)

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Hey! I’m AJ, trans + autistic artist, animation industry ditcher, and eventual mental healthcare worker. I spend a lot of my time GMing tabletop RPGs, looking for thoughtful horror, playing tactics games, and gardening. (Meatprism_ on Twitter)

Hi there! I’m Seb, @(underscore)AugustSun(underscore) on Twitter, American, I work in paid social media, got here because I started listening to Waypoint recently and thought the crew was a super cool group!

All over the genre spectrum! Been playing a ton of Space Station 13 recently, excited for Mount and Blade 2, without a doubt. I also mod over at r/Games on Reddit, so it’s always really cool to have a finger on the pulse! Great to meet y’all!

Hi, I’m WharfFortress. My pronouns are he/him. I am about to graduate with a degree in computer engineering. So if you know of any good jobs send em my way haha :slight_smile:

I’m Wojo. Long-time purveyor of fighting games and amateur streamer. I work at a VG-event based company that supports tournaments and cons nation wide, so if you attend enough there’s a good chance we’ll meet.