Oy, introduce yourself!

Hey Everyone, I’m Rob or Trebor. I Started Following Austin and the rest when Waypoint was started.

Currently Playing Disco Elysium, Heroes of the storm and Escape from Tarkov (If anyone wants to play hit me up). Most of my time is spent playing TTRPGs nowadays so I’m looking for more people to play with on that front.

Hey there! I’m Ian (he/him), i’ve been listeningnto the podcast for…i forget exactly how long but maybe coming up on a couple years at this point. I’m 28 and i live in the kansas city area with my partner and their family.

Currently i’m about to start playing digimon cyber sleuth complete edition on the switch. I played rhe original on ps4 and it has type of systems and farming the can be engulfing for me, and i am presently unemployed and waiting on job applications so i’m hoping it will prove an engulfing game again to hel0me pass the time

Hi, I’m scrimler! I’m an off and on game enthusiast but I always keep up to date with waypoint radio, so I figured it’d be good to be able to chat with people about it! Looking to get my first real forum experience.

Always looking for people to play online games with too, I’m on ps4 and pc, playing all kinds of things!

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hey! I’m Jim (they/them), & I was looking for friends at the table JM-27 content (no prizes for guessing why) and found the big old thread here. The thoughtful forum rules made me think maybe this is a nice place to read!

I’m a history student. I mostly look at rules-light tabletop rpgs these days, but darkest dungeon and the dragon age series have a special place in my heart. Nice to meet you all :^)

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Hi, my name is Kenny (he/him). I’ve been a fan of Waypoint since it started. I followed Austin here from Giant Bomb. I’m just now joining the forums because I’m trying to find a good Destiny group. Having to leave raids because randos from LFG keep throwing around slurs is getting old.

Hey! I’m Nick, he/him. I’m a high school teacher in Kansas and I joined mainly because I really want to talk to other people who are interested in the same parts of games and culture that I am, in the ways that I am, and Waypoint captures that really well. I just beat KH3 and listened to all of Lore Reasons except ReMind. Probably going to beat ReMind this week but kinda feeling Sonic Mania after I saw the movie yesterday.

Hi, I’m Andy, they/them or he/him. I’m a psychologist and transportation safety researcher from ct. I’ve been following waypoint from the beginning but just joined the community mainly to find people to play destiny 2 with, since my old group isn’t really active anymore and I’m not sure where else to look for an lgbt friendly clan.

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Hi, I’m Fraser. I’m a gamedev, fairly young (just starting college), Canadian, and honestly I’m just here because I want to get into the discord :slight_smile: